10 Robots That Are Learning Scary New Skills

Robots are the creations of inventive and intelligent mankind that has come to help out the human beings. The

Robots are the creations of inventive and intelligent mankind that has come to help out the human beings. The scientists are working hard to improve those robots, and here we are listing the top 10 robots that are learning scary new skills every day.

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Samurai Robot arm

Robots that are learning scary new skills

Source gadgetsin.com

Samurai Robot Arm technically known as MH24 is designed by Yaskawa Electric Corporation, and this robot is an expert at slicing the fruits. This machine is highly effective just as Machii when it comes to chopping things continuously without taking any rest. The best thing about this robot is that once they learn something, they remember that skill forever.



Cheetah robot is another amazing introduction in the robotics industry that comes with many exciting skills. This robot can run a distance up to 45 kilometers per hour. It makes use of laser sensor to detect any of the obstacles that come in between and clear them. So, if you plan to create a hurdle in its path, no doubt it will not provide any chance to escape. Weights about 32 kilograms, this machine is created by researchers of Boston Dynamics.


Sinister Spider Bots

This is a robot with amazing skills that has been made with the combination of great minds such as biologist, bio-robotics experts and mechanical engineers. The robot is made to examine the behavior of water, and it can stand against any kind of high pressure also. The exciting thing is, this robot can go into the water and can stay for a long time. Weights about only 68 milligrams, this robot has two thin legs made of wires and the feet are coated with water resistant material to provide that extra edge.

Hector cognitive autonomously operating robot

Looking exactly as the insects, Hector robot is designed by the researchers at Bielefeld University in Germany. This robot contains 6 limbs through which it can walk on the surface by moving each of them independently. The body is made with carbon fiber reinforced plastic that is mainly responsible for the lightweight and toughness of the body. However, the researchers are planning to incorporate some special machine through which it will be able to sense any objects in its path.


Big Dog spot

Robots that are learning scary new skills

Source – www.geek.com

A maniac robot along with four legs Bigdog is the amazing creation of scientists that is able to throw cinder blocks while carrying 50 kilograms on its back. This robot is able to rapidly walk up sharp slopes and climb up the steps easily. When it comes to strong balance, nothing can be as good as Spot.


Robotic cockroach

Funded by US Army Research Laboratory, Robotic cockroach is another amazing creation of researchers. Packed with six legs this robot can squeeze through any obstacles in its path. The shell is the reason for this impressive feature of the robot. The researchers first decided three different shell shapes, rectangular, flat oval and oval cone. But later they chose the more rounded one, as rounded shape can squeeze objects easier.


Climb vertical surface

Climb vertical surface robot is equipped with an amazing feature to climb up the vertical walls easily. Made by the mechanical engineering students at Stanford University, this robot can carry high weight around 100 times of its weight while climbing up the surfaces. The legs and feet are designed in such a way that the robots can stick to the walls by its sticky feet and bend them while sticking to the walls, also straighten the feet while detaching.

Self healing robot

This robot is something different from all others as it can change its behavior according to the needs. If one of its limbs is injured, it changes the walking style accordingly, just like living beings do.


Flying bat robot, DALER

Robots that are learning scary new skills

Source – robohub.org

Flying bat robot technically known as Daler is able to fly as well as walk. It makes use of its foldable skeleton perfectly to do the required task. While flying, the rotating wings are used to control altitude, but the wings are folded on the ground for better navigating through the tight space.


Humanoid Hubo

Looks like a human being, this robot was primarily made by some students to win a competition, and it was a success. This robot can handle multi-tasks just like humans do. Earlier, it was packed with some basic capabilities, but later on, Hubo came with multitask ability features.

So, top 10 robots that are learning scary new skills are all listed here. Of course, there are many other robots and very soon the researchers will create even more effective robots that will do most of the job for us.