5 Annoying Note 4 Lollipop Problems And Ways To Fix Them

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Lollipop update has brought several new features to the users and users are enjoying the

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Lollipop update has brought several new features to the users and users are enjoying the update at their best. While some users have been successful to download and install the Lollipop updates in their Note 4 some other are facing problems in installing the update. Those who have updated the latest version successfully again are facing some issues in the Note 4 after this update. 5 common problems in Note 4 Lollipop and their solutions are discussed here.

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Galaxy Note 4 Lollipop installation issue

Some users have complained that they are facing issues while downloading the latest update and not able to download and install Android 5.0 Lollipop in their Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The solutions to this problem are:


> Make sure that you have enough space available in your phone, If not then free up some spaces.

> Your Note 4 should have at least 50% charge for the download and installation process.

> Try to update your phone using a fast Wi-Fi connection.

> If any of the above methods do not work out then let the charge of your phone be zero and charge it then 100% before going ahead with the installation process.


Wi-Fi problem

Slow Wi-Fi connection or no connection at all in Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Lollipop is another common problem about which so many users have complained. Here are the possible fixes for that.


> First reboot your router if you have not done so for long while. Then unplug the modem and router, wait for few seconds and reconnect them. It might solve the issue. Also you can update the router firmware.

> Reset the Wi-Fi connection. For this go to settings > Forget network option and then reconnect the Wi-Fi by providing the username and password.

> To check if the Wi-Fi restriction is in the proper place head towards settings > power saving mode and check it.

> Booting the phone in safe mode can help you to get rid of the problem in case the problem is occurring because of some applications.


Note 4 Lollipop battery life problems

Battery life is the common problem in every phone and this is the case with Samsung Galaxy note 4 lollipop also. But fortunately there are some ways that help you to improve the battery life. The ways are:


> Boot your Note 4 in safe mode. First, power off the device and then press the power button and volume down key altogether. It will boot up and then release the power button but hold the volume down key till you see ‘safe mode’ text at the bottom of the screen. This process disables all the third party apps thus let you know if any app is creating the issue.

> Restarting the phone can solve the issue as it deletes all the cache and removes the services that might be the reason of fastest battery drainage.

> Disable NFC and Bluetooth and turn on only when required.

> Update all the apps.

Battery_safe mode

Overheating issue

Overheating Nate 4 Lollipop for no reason is a big issue faced by some of the users and the possible fixes of this are discussed below.


> First restart your Note 4 and leave it in the off position for a minute then boot it back.

> If the problem still exists then turn off the device, take out battery and microSD card if you have, wait for minute and then re-insert the battery only. Turn it on and check if the problem is gone now.

> Booting in safe mode also can solve the issue if the problem is occurring due to any third party app.


Bluetooth problems

Bluetooth problem is one of the common Note 4 Lollipop problems that some users are facing very frequently. Solutions to this problem are explained here.


> On and off the Bluetooth connections and then try using it. For this head to settings > Bluetooth and then toggle it OFF, again make it ON. This might solve the issue, if not then go for the below method.

> Re-connect the Bluetooth connection by going to Bluetooth > forget device and then reconnect.

All the possible fixes for the problems are explained here. You can get rid of the problems by going through the above methods.