5 Ways Keeper Helps You Stay Safe Online

How safe are the things you store online? Your passwords, your memes, and photos, your videos, the payment card

How safe are the things you store online? Your passwords, your memes, and photos, your videos, the payment card information you let stores save “to speed up checkout next time” — how safe are they, really? The answer to that is, “not very.” From Yahoo to Twitter to Instacart, the data breaches just keep coming, and at least 80% happen because of poor password habits, such as:


  • Using weak passwords like “password123,” “qwerty,” or your birthdate.
  • Reusing passwords across multiple accounts — or using the same password on every account!
  • Storing your passwords insecurely, such as in a text file.
  • Not using multi-factor authentication (2FA) whenever possible.

Most of the time, people engage in these sorts of habits simply because they have too many passwords to keep track of. They’re not wrong. A typical internet user has dozens of online accounts, ranging from email to social media to online banking and shopping. No person could possibly remember all of those passwords, which is why a password manager like Keeper is an essential tool.

5 Ways Keeper Helps You Improve Your Password Habits And Keeps You Safe Online.

Keeper Gives You A Super-secure, Private, Digital Vault To Store All Of Your Passwords & 2FA Codes

Keeper gives you a private, encrypted digital vault that you can access from any device, running any operating system, using one master password — the only password you will ever have to remember. Never again will you lose or forget another password. Keeper also stores all of your 2FA codes, so using multi-factor authentication is less of a hassle.

Keeper Automatically Generates Strong, Unique Passwords For All Of Your Accounts

Keeper automatically generates strong, unique passwords for all of your websites and apps. When you first sign up for Keeper, it will audit all of your existing passwords, warn you about weak and reused passwords, and help you change them, so that you start off on the right foot. With Keeper, you’ll no longer have any reason to use weak passwords or use the same password on more than one account.

Keeper Automatically Fills In Your Passwords On All Of Your Websites And Apps

Keeper’s auto-fill feature automatically fills in your login credentials on all of your websites and apps, which not only makes your life easier but also helps protect you against phishing. Cybercriminals frequently set up phony lookalike sites designed to steal login credentials, using domain names that are just a bit off; for example, M1kesBikes-dot-com instead of MikesBikes-dot-com. Keeper stops you from entering your login credentials on these sites by only auto-filling onto sites that have been stored within the Keeper Vault.

Keeper Protects More Than Just Your Passwords

In addition to your passwords and 2FA codes, Keeper can protect your sensitive files, documents, photos, and videos, too! You can even securely scan and store your payment cards for faster checkout on shopping websites and apps.

Keeper Can Keep Your Whole Household Safe

Families share everything, including their passwords, but sharing passwords through email or writing them down on sticky notes is not only a major hassle, it’s also insecure. With the Keeper Family plan, up to five people in a household can secure and easily share passwords, insurance forms, medical records, estate planning documents, tax documents, photos, videos, and more.

Get Started Today & Get FREE Secure File Storage

Keeper takes only minutes to install, requires no special equipment or installation costs, and is designed to be user friendly. You can even import your existing passwords from your web browsers, text files, or spreadsheets.

Best of all, if you sign up for a Keeper Unlimited or Keeper Family plan right now, Keeper will throw in FREE Secure File Storage.

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