Amazon Fire Stick Specs And Reviews

When it comes to the budget-friendly product from Amazon, the Fire Stick is one that can put up a fight. In

When it comes to the budget-friendly product from Amazon, the Fire Stick is one that can put up a fight. In fact, the voice search is fast and snappy. Likewise, it allows you to have access to most apps that you need regularly.

Basic Features

This is already the 2nd generation of Fire TV stick that allows users to stream videos and apps on your television. Aside from the popular features, Amazon has added a new voice search named Alexa, which makes it among the best instant smart TV products you can find today.

Basically, it would look like a USB flash drive that has a micro USB socket on the side and an HDMI connector on the other end. Likewise, you can set it up easily by simply plugging it directly into the rear of the television or receiver. Alternatively, you can use the extension cable of the HDMI to allow it to fit into other devices. Just connect the micro USB cable to the power adapter and you can now plug it into the stick.

Easy To Set Up

After you bought your Fire TV Stick from Amazon, you can now put your Wi-Fi password and your account details and you will be ready to go. Just make a few clicks of the Bluetooth-enabled remote and watch the introductory video on how to use the voice control before using the device.

You also need to have an account on Amazon in order to use the Fire TV Stick, but without the need for Prime subscription. Alternatively, you can just utilize the many movie or music streaming apps on Amazon app store, which include Netflix, Spotify, and all the catch-up services from terrestrial broadcasters.

However, you still need the usernames and passwords if you want to use 3rd party apps like Netflix even when you have already logged into an Amazon account. There is also a remote app for iOS and Android, which makes it easier to access as it will provide a full tablet or smartphone keyboard that you can type all in it. In fact, it is easier to use compared to using a conventional remote where you are only limited to scroll on the on-screen keyboard.

Popular Reviews

The new Fire TV Stick is more polished than the old model. In fact, it has added a level of competence that is hard to beat when it comes to pricing.

It is also easier to set up. Just make sure you have an account from Amazon that is connected to its services. Additionally, it has an excellent support fro 3rd party apps. It also provides support from Alexa, which makes this product much more capable than your ordinary TV streamer.

You might not get support for Sky content or iTunes and it might not be as fast as any other expensive Fire TV boxes. Nevertheless, it is an excellent smart TV device priced reasonably in a smart package. You only need to have an Amazon account to use the Fire Stick and Wi-Fi connectivity and it will be up and running in no time.