Amazon’s New Feature To Help Consumers Engage With Brands Directly

Companies that deal in e-commerce have become tremendously popular in the last decade. Apart from offering a

Companies that deal in e-commerce have become tremendously popular in the last decade. Apart from offering a wide variety of products from different categories, these websites also offer a lot of these products at discounted prices. When it comes to buying products, they offer a lot more flexibility and comfort to consumers than offline retailing does. Customers manage to save up on the time they would spend in visiting a store to buy something and also, end up spending less.

The one thing, however, that e-commerce doesn’t offer is an interactive space. When you go to a store, you interact with the store manager or the salesman who guides you through the store and helps you in buying the things that you have come there for. While buying something from an e-commerce store, there is nobody you are going to have that interaction with. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people still prefer offline shopping over e-commerce.

Amazon must have taken note of this issue as it now plans to bridge the communication gap between the seller and the consumer. The e-commerce giant, which is based in America, is testing a new feature which is being called ‘Manage Your Customer Engagement’. A report published in CNBC states that once this feature comes into force, it will enable sellers to get in touch with Amazon users who buy products from one or a specific number of companies.

Brand Registry, which was launched in the year 2015, is an initiative by Amazon that works towards helping business ventures or companies bringing down the sale of fake products or counterfeits. To date, over 350,000 brands have enrolled themselves with Brand Registry.

According to the report, the contact details of the shoppers will remain confidential. Amazon will provide businesses with aggregate data after they utilize the tools that give them an idea about the number of emails that will be sent out when they share details of the marketing campaign with the consumers.

Amazon will keep brands informed about the number of consumers that have agreed to receive the emails. Apart from that, it will also provide them with performance metrics for the marketing campaign.

A spokesperson from Amazon confirmed these developments and stated that the company hopes to help customers and brands engage with each other. The spokesperson further stated that with ‘Manage Your Customer Engagement’, companies will keep their customers posted about new offers or product announcements via emails. Customers will receive emails only from those companies whom they have decided to follow.

This move by Amazon has come as a surprise to many as the company’s current policy doesn’t offer much scope of interaction between consumers and brands which sell their products through the site.