Apps To Listen To YouTube Right Now

Who does not love music? Music is something that can refresh the human mind, make us happy and pleased. Fortunately,

Who does not love music? Music is something that can refresh the human mind, make us happy and pleased. Fortunately, there are so many music apps through which we can enjoy and make our ears and hearts satisfied. This is the reason many new music apps come to the market every day. Also, the video is not the thing that we always want to enjoy, but many of us look for the apps that let us enjoy the audio playing in the background. YouTube Music Key is the app from Google intended especially for this purpose. This will help you enjoy the YouTube videos in audio form, and though the app, there are many other exciting features. But, this has not been released yet. In the meantime, if you want to listen to YouTube audio, there are apps that will allow you to do just that.

Here, we are going to talk about the best apps that allow you to listen to YouTube audio at its best.

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Here are some alternative YouTube apps worth to try.

List of apps to listen to YouTube


If you are looking for the simplest app for YouTube audio only, nothing can be better than this app. This application streams the audios from YouTube videos and lets you enjoy the audio in the background. This is the basic feature of this app and does not include any other interesting or exciting functionality. But, it lets the users create a playlist along with the favorite videos. Also, the nifty Sleep timer is another feature that allows you to listen to youtube audio only at night time. Apart from the above, there are some changes that could do such as changing the theme, audio-quality, having a backup of the playlist and app’s settings etc.

But, the drawback of this app is the weak search process where you are required to place the search in broad strokes. In case, you face difficulties in dealing with the app, first, clear the app data and reinstall it.

This app is completely free and you can download it by clicking on the link UListen.

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Loaded with exciting features and functionality, Viral is a perfect replacement for the YouTube. The features are quite interesting, and you cannot easily find them in any real time app. Audio only youtube is not the one and only feature, rather it is just a small feature where a press on Home will let you enjoy the video in audio form running in the background. It includes so many options. The app has a free version and paid one. The free version is known as viral popup where the videos will be opened in a small pop-up window and float around the screen to allow multi-tasking. Though it is a very well designed app, the main drawback is that sometimes things become messy because of its extra added features. However, this app is still one of the best listen to apps of all time.

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PVstar+ is will not just allow you to listen to audio, it is the perfect app for for many other things such as Daily Motion, Vimeo, and NicoVideo that can also be searched in this app. This application is similar to Viral as it is also loaded with so many features where you need to just press the Home while a video is playing, and it will let you enjoy the audio form in the background. Though it is not just an audio only youtube, but it is one of the best apps to listen to Youtube music. It also comes with a built-in music mode, which have the similar functions, but videos cannot be played through this feature.

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The one and only con of this app is the constant notification coming to the notification panel which is really annoying sometimes. This app also has two versions free and paid. The paid version does not show up the ad, which is the case with free one.



This is another useful app with a very simple UI design for enjoying the Youtube audios. This app lets you enjoy the Youtube videos in audio form playing in the background. HD video playbacks through network data, search auto-complete etc. are among the interesting features that you can enjoy when using this application.

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Though the UI is simple enough, the design is a bit odd which makes the controlling of video playback a little confusing.