Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

We have seen that there are a lot of streaming sites which let you watch a countless number of movies and TV

We have seen that there are a lot of streaming sites which let you watch a countless number of movies and TV shows for free. Similarly, there are many sites where you can watch your favorite sports for free. Some of these sites don’t charge a single cent while others may ask you for credentials of your TV or Internet service provider for free access. Let’s see some of the best sports streaming sites.

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ESPN is one of the most exciting and top sports streaming sites. It offers all the content in high-definition. ESPN offers viral sports videos, news, in-depth analysis, and the highlights free of cost to all its users. However, to watch live the sporting action, the user needs to have the TV or Internet connection from one of the participating service providers and needs to login with those credentials. If you love sports, make sure to visit ESPN and enjoy watching basketball, tennis, golf, soccer, F1, and more.

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Sky Sports

Unarguably Sky Sports is one of the best sports streaming sites out there so you can be sure you won’t miss the action. Sky Sports has a great looking website that is easy to use and offers NBA games, racing, cricket, golf, cycling, etc. You can also read the latest sports news.

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Fox Sports

Another great sports streaming website is Fox Sports. It would be possible to have the list without it as it is one of the favorites for millions of people. It provides free of cost HD content. Even more, you can read many interesting sports stories and the latest news, see the schedule of top matches, highlights, interviews and more.  There are many available sports for you to watch such as football, tennis, MotoGP, F1, and more.

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NBC Sports

In order to watch live sports on NBC,  you need to log in with your TV connection credentials. Similar to Fox Sports, NBC provides the latest news, sports highlights, interesting stories, live scores, and more. You can watch soccer, rugby, golf, and more.

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Sony Liv

Another great website that offers live sports is Sony Liv. You can read the latest news, see all the interesting stories, read interviews and more. You definitely won’t miss a single thing. It offers an exciting sports experience. You can watch different sports on Sony Liv, including NBA, basketball, football, tennis, and more.

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DAZN is another great option for those who are interested in watching their favorite sports online. You can get a free trial that lasts for a month. However, we need to point out that DAZN is available only in certain countries. Those countries are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, Japan and USA. It offers live sports, on demand and on the go. DAZN lets its users enjoy over 8000 sports events a year. Some of the devices that are supported by DAZN are Android phones and tablets, iPhones and iPads, Amazon Fire tablet, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV stick, Apple TV, Samsung smart TV, Panasonic smart TV, different consoles, and more.

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If you live in Europe, this one is not for you (at least not yet), because Hotstar is not available for this continent for now. But it seems it will be very soon. If you live in India, we are sure you are very familiar with Hotstar.  Some of the popular sports you can watch on Hotstar are cricket, tennis, hockey, kabaddi, badminton, football, etc. Most of the material on this site is free of cost, but the site contains some premium material as well.

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