How To Choose The Right Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is one of the vehicles that is appropriate to invest in. It is so reputable and reliable, that

Harley Davidson is one of the vehicles that is appropriate to invest in. It is so reputable and reliable, that you will be able to drive it for years and years, and then sell it still for a good price. Many people consider buying a used one, by the way.

Used Harley Davidson sometimes costs more than a new one. If you are looking for an old vehicle, you need to get all data about it. For that, VIN check is needed. Find out more about this service on to make sure whether you really want it or not.

Why You Should Get The VIN Check

The value of a used Harley Davidson is formed differently that for bikes of other trademarks, let alone cars. There were three major production series of the moto:

  • The bikes produced between 1930 and 1969. These are the very classic models.
  • More modernised models, manufactured between 1970 to 1980.
  • The latest improved versions of 1980 and up to day.

So if you want to pay a fair price for your Harley, it is essential to know the exact year of production. This is one type of the data you can get if decoding Vehicle Identification Number. Here is the full information you will get with the VIN lookup:

  • Technical specifications. Harley Davidson boasts a very powerful engine. The VIN check will reveal all information about the engine as well as the brakes, transmission, etc.
  • The Accidents report. Each owner has to know if the bike had any accidents, as bikes tend to get overall more damage than cars.
  • The Theft report. Harley Davidson bike is a dream come true for many, and therefore, as any bikes, they are very likely to be stolen. So, better make sure you do not buy a stolen one.
  • The Loan history. Harleys are really expensive and some buyers take loans to afford them. If the sum of the loan has not been paid back in full, the new owner becomes liable for it.

This information will help you to choose the right Harley Davidson. This is an expensive purchase, so it is better to find out as much as possible about the bike.

Vehicle Identification Numbers for Harley Davidson

As the production of the bike started in the beginning of the previous century, vehicles manufactured in different years got different VIN Numbers. Here is the exact classification:

  • Bikes produced between 1930-1969 have VIN composed of 8 signs.
  • Those manufactured between the 1970 1980 contain 9 signs.
  • The last group of vehicles has the modern 17 signs VIN.

You need to know about it because it will help you to identify the VIN. Having the VIN, you can then order the VIN lookup.

Ordering VIN lookup is simple. You can contact official state DMV office for that, and get the report in about a week. The service is not expensive at all. To save time, you can order the VIN check from a privately owned company. Report provided by it will be as official and legal, as by an official body, just delivered faster. Also, it may be a bit more expensive.