Common OnePlus 5T Issues And Their Fixes

The OnePlus 5T, released only a mere five months after OnePlus 5, came with major upgrades.  The smartphone

The OnePlus 5T, released only a mere five months after OnePlus 5, came with major upgrades.  The smartphone looks stunning with nearly borderless 18:9 display and the fastest facial recognition feature. With improved camera quality (secondary) that is perfect for low light photography, the 5T quickly became a hit. But, some users did complain about some glitches and bugs. So, we have listed here the most common OnePlus 5T issues and their fixes.

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List Of Common OnePlus 5T Issues And Their Fixes


WiFi issues:

Common OnePlus 5T issues and their Fixes

The OnePlus 5T WiFi connection problem is probably the most common issue that affects almost all of the smartphones of today. The problems mostly are in regards to poor connectivity to home WiFi. However, there is a simple fix for this that generally does the trick.


  • Try turning the wifi off and back on inside the settings.
  • Also, try turning off your WiFi router for a few seconds and then turn them back on. Now try and reconnect.
  • You can also “forget” your wireless network and then search again to reconnect. This automatically resets to the connection between the phone and your WiFi.
  • Finally, head to Settings > About phone and make sure there are no pending updates. This is because One Plus periodically sends updates resolving several issues and many even focusing on WiFi performance and connectivity issues.


Display brightness problem:

The adaptive brightness feature for OnePlus 5T has been described as “aggressive” by many of the users, especially in poor lighting. The brightness level changes all over the place is a complaint that most 5T owners seem to encounter. Easy fix for this issue includes:


Make sure the phone has been updated to the 4.5.3 version as this software issue was resolved in that update. Also, if the problem persists, you can download the Lux Auto Brightness app that manages the brightness of the display.


Face unlock issue:

Common OnePlus 5T issues and their Fixes

The face-unlock feature, unarguably the fastest among contesting smartphones comes with its fair share of inconsistencies. Common complaints state that they are not accurate in low lighting. Some users also complained that this feature works well in the beginning and fails after a few months.


Most of the inconsistencies on the face unlock has already been dealt with the Oxygen OS 4.7.4 version of updates. If the issue is still unresolved, try removing the registered face and redo the process. Make sure to scan in a well-lit atmosphere. This should do the trick as this provides you with the best recognition and helps in registering in a variety of situations and lighting.


Applications not working on mobile data:

It was reported that many of the applications that worked well when connected to Wi-Fi, stopped working on mobile data. This issue is related to APN settings of the phone.


A simple fix is to go to Settings >More Networks >Mobile Network Access >Access Point Names. Click on APN for your network, switch APN protocol from IPv6 to IPv4 or IPv4/IPv6.


Full-screen display for Applications:

Another incredibly common problem that users face is the OnePlus 5T display problem. Many of the apps running on the device aren’t full screen. With the 18:9 aspect ratio of One Plus 5T, some apps have black bars at their tops and bottoms. This is because One Plus has not yet provided the option to control the aspect ratio.


This feature, however, is inherent in YouTube. We’ll just have to wait for the new Android update to enjoy an optimized full-screen application mode.


Camera problems:

The main issues about the camera of OnePlus 5T were that it did not get well with the SnapChat filters upon its initial release. But this issue was quickly resolved by the company. The December 7th update had some major upgrades for the camera. The update addressed the issues with HDR and video recording.


Nonetheless, users still experiencing problems can head over to Settings and clear Cached Data for applications requiring camera access. For that go to Settings > App > Snapchat > Clear Cached Data and Force stop.


Bluetooth issues:

Common OnePlus 5T issues and their Fixes

Frequent complaints from users highlight their inability to connect to Bluetooth in cars.


  • Common solutions involve the age-old turning the phone off and on.
  • Some suggest unpairing the device and redoing the process all over again. This especially works on devices that have recent updates. Giving the devices a fresh connection is a sure way to enable a successful Bluetooth connection.


Performance issues:

The performance issue is one of the most common issues on almost every smartphone. It is pretty common that a phone will show lag in performance over time due to various reasons. For example, too many apps, playing lots of games and using the phone at a stretch. Anyways, when the phone becomes too slow, most of the apps stutter or lag and you face random reboot issue.


  • There may be a rogue app that is making the phone slow. So, what you can do is boot the phone in safe mode. In case you do not face the performance issue in safe mode, it is definitely a culprit app that is slowing down the phone.
  • Get the Greenify app from Play store. This is a very useful app which shows a list of the active apps on your phone. So, you can change the settings as per your need.
  • Clear the cache of every app.
  • Finally, perform a factory reset by going to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory reset.


Fingerprint scanner issues:

Some users of the OnePlus 5T have stated to face the fingerprint scanner issue. According to the users, they are unable to unlock the device through the fingerprint scanning system. The phone can’t recognize their finger. This is not a big issue. Here are the simple fixes for it.


  • Restart the device first.
  • One of the most obvious reasons why the fingerprint scanner is not working is the uses of the case. In case you are using a case, just remove the case once and check if it is working now. What happens sometimes is we install a case after adding the prints. And as a result, the phone can’t read the fingers with the case installed. So, when you decide to install a case, just remove the fingerprints and then save them again.
  • Delete all the saved prints and start again. For best result, register the same finger twice.


Notification issue:

According to some users, the notification they receive gets deleted automatically from the status bar. We have discussed the solution here. But it is to inform you that this is not an issue rather just a small change in the settings and the problem will get resolved.


Go to the settings > Battery and then disable the option Hibernation/Aggressive Dose. This will solve the notification issue. Also, you can choose to get the notification from your selected app. Just go to settings > Battery > Battery optimization > and then tap on the three dot icon located at the top > Select here the needed app from which you want notification.


Battery Life issue:

Battery life issue is the most common issue about which every smartphone user keeps complaining. It is very common that the phone will drain a huge amount of battery in its first few days. The reason is too much exploration on the device, installation of several apps, and playing games all through the day. However, if the fast battery drain issue is faced for no such reasons then read the solutions here.


  • Restart your new OnePlus 5T first.
  • Next, turn off the location service and turn it on only when needed. Follow the same rule for Wi-fi and Bluetooth as well.
  • Reduce the brightness to 50% or lesser.
  • Close all the apps running in the background.
  • And finally, go to settings > battery and check the battery usage. If you notice an app to use an unusual amount of battery, force stop that app.
  • Perform a factory reset.


Text and MMS message issue:

Users have reported that they are not able to send and receive any group or MMS through their OnePlus 5T.


The pre-installed message application on OnePlus 5T definitely supports the text message. But if you are trying to send the group or MMS through it, unfortunately, you can’t. The reason is this message application does not support that feature. So, it’s recommended to get a third-party message application from Play store. While the Play Store is filled with so many options, you can try downloading Textra for MMS and group message.


These are the most common OnePlus 5T issues and their fixes.

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