How To Fix Fitbit Charging Issues

People make use of the fitness trackers greatly in their daily lives. The fitness trackers can simplify the

People make use of the fitness trackers greatly in their daily lives. The fitness trackers can simplify the life of the individuals in multifold ways. They can be used to keep track of the number of steps taken, the quality of sleep an individual is getting, heart rate, and also the amount of calories burned on a daily basis. In addition to these benefits, the fitness trackers can also be used to regulate and maintain the cardiovascular diseases and another form of health issues. With so many benefits, it could be quite difficult to imagine how our life would progress if the fitness trackers stop working or some of its features do not respond at all. Even the fitness trackers are electronic gadgets and there are high chances that they might not function properly.

One name amongst the leading fitness trackers in the world is the Fitbit. With high accuracy and great reliability, Fitbit has become a pioneer in the fitness tracking system. It is the most sought-after wearable technology and is trending in the current scenario. However, those who make use of the Fitbit fitness tracker might complain sometimes about various issues encountered by them. One of the greatest issues faced by the users of the Fitbit fitness tracker across the world is that their Fitbit battery won’t charge. The Fitbit charging issues could be the most common, yet irritating issue faced by the whole lot of the users. No Fitbit user would like to wake up in the morning to find their gadget in the lack of charge or battery. This can ruin the entire course of the day, especially to those who are freaked out about their health. The battery drain could be really upsetting as most of the individuals are unaware of the exact measures to take when their Fitbit fitness tracker starts experiencing Fitbit charging issues.

If you have been facing Fitbit battery charging issues, then go on to read the post. We will discuss the various causes and the possible solutions to the Fitbit battery charging issues.

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Solutions To Fix Fitbit Charging Issues

Problem 1The external contacts or the buttons on the tracker or even the charging cable are dusty

Fitbit charging issues


When you have been using the Fitbit charger for over a time now, then debris and dust particles can accumulate on the external parts of the tracker. If it happens to reach the charging port of the tracker, then the Fitbit fitness trackers might experience some charging issues. To resolve the same, you must keep the charging ports and the external contacts of the Fitbit fitness tracker quite clean and free from any dust particles. To clean the external contacts or the buttons of the charging port, you can make use of a toothbrush or a toothpick by rubbing a little amount of alcohol over the area.  While cleaning, you must ensure that you do not damage the charging area with the use of any sharp objects. You must also avoid the use of hard metals as this can cause corrosion and damage the plating. To clean the charging pins, you can make use of a soft cotton swabs dipped in alcohol to remove the excess dust and debris.

Problems 2: The USB port for charging or the outlet of the Fitbit charging is faulty


This could be another cause for the Fitbit battery charging issues. You can try using a different port. You can make use of an UL-Certified wall charger that can be used to charge the Fitbit fitness tracker. It is recommended that you should not make use of the USB hub.

Problem 3: The Fitbit tracker is not connected in a secure manner to the charging cable


To ensure that your Fitbit fitness tracker is getting charged in the right manner, you must check the alignment of the charging port and the charging wire. You can also try reconnecting the fitness tracker to the charging cable.

Problem 4: The fitness tracker has become ill-functioning

Fitbit charging issues


There could be cases that your Fitbit fitness tracker might not be working in a proper condition. To ensure the same, you can turn your tracker on and off. This might restore the tracker back to its original state and the Fitbit tracker might start getting charged on its own.

Problem 5Your Fitbit charger has become a little beat up


When this is the case, then you can try replacing the charger of your Fitbit fitness tracker. You can order a new charger for the device to resolve the Fitbit charging issues. There is a myriad of the charging options for the Fitbit fitness tracker. However, it is imperative to ensure that you purchase the charger from the official site of the Fitbit fitness tracker itself. By doing this, you can ensure that your device remains safe for a longer period of time. The Fitbit chargers bought from the official site tend to be original n hardware specifications and thus can be relied upon.

Problem 6Fitbit fitness tracker has stopped working after charging. It does not even restore to its original state

Fitbit charging issues


In case, this serious Fitbit battery charging issue occurs, then you must not defer from taking expert help. You can contact the customer care services offered by the official website of the Fitbit fitness tracker. The customer care unit is available 24/7 to cater the specific needs of the customers.

Fitbit fitness tracker is a great wearable technology that has been making news due to the special features offered by the same. However, during the course of the intense use and wear and tear, the fitness tracker might experience some issues like Fitbit battery charging issues. These issues might pose a problem to those who are in the habit of using their fitness tracker on a daily basis.

Therefore, we have suggested some easy and practical ways to resolve the Fitbit charging issues so that you continue to use your favorite gadget without any interruption.

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