Google Lens Gets A New Feature To Auto-Translate Screenshots

Google Lens got an official launch in 2017 and in just four years it has become a much sought-after technology

Google Lens got an official launch in 2017 and in just four years it has become a much sought-after technology that does a splendid job at image recognition and similar processes. It takes neural networks into account to undertake visual analysis of a particular image. While it was initially launched as a standalone app, it was eventually integrated into the standard camera app that is found in Android devices. It has also been integrated with apps like Google Assistant and Google Photos.

When you point the camera of your Android phone at a particular image or an object, Google Lens tries to recognize the object by reading or analyzing QR codes, barcodes, text, labels and other information that it can trace on the image. After that, it will show search results containing web pages that would have some connection with the image.

Google has been making serious efforts towards making this technology better so that more and more people lap it up. Now, Google Lens has been endowed with a new ability, that is, to translate the text content in screenshots. If you are using a phone or any other device running on Android 11 or a higher version, you will be able to use this updated version of Google Lens.

You can take screenshots of some text-based material that is written in a foreign language and get it translated immediately with the help of Google Lens. The process is quite simple and can be easily executed by even those who have not used Google Lens before. The translate button can be seen on the screenshot and after you click on it, the text will be detected and translate almost immediately.

Just as is the case with any other product or service launched by Google, the company is making the necessary steps to ensure that Google Lens has an edge over similar technology developed by rival companies.

Apart from getting text translated, users also have the option of copying the text on the screenshot and downloading it so that it can be viewed later in offline mode. Users can also share it on apps like Google Translate or social networking websites like Instagram or Twitter.

Users get an additional option of downloading the current language to be accessed in offline mode. Google is expected to incorporate more innovative features into Google Lens in the near future.