Google Now Tips And Tricks

Google Now is just perfect to help you feel the experience of having a personal assistant that aids you in searching,

Google Now is just perfect to help you feel the experience of having a personal assistant that aids you in searching, managing and organizing all kind of information from your android device in just second. Many people are eager to know how to enjoy all the things Google Now has to offer. So here are the most helpful Google Now tips and tricks which will make this digital assistant even more interesting to you.

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What Can Google Now Do

Google now is made to help out the Android users to the fullest. It is a big information providing center related to everything such as about your friend location, flight ticket, and many other things. While we all are very much aware of the basic usefulness, the hidden features will let you explore something more and you will find Google Now to be just amazing. The Google Now tips are listed here.


Get to know all the OK Google voice commands

Ok Google comes with numerous voice commands using which you can perform a wide range of operations. The voice commands are easily available, so try to learn them and make Google Now more helpful to you. Apart from the general voice commands for OK Google, you can add even more commands in it through downloading an app called Commandr from Google Play store. This app helps you perform all kind of tasks such as enabling rotation lock, taking selfies etc. Setting up custom voice command for each task is also possible in this app.


Location reminders

Location-based reminders are one of the most helpful Google Now tricks that can be used to remind you about some tasks as soon as you reach a particular place. For example, you need to buy something from a particular location or else you need to do certain tasks as you reach home. And when location reminder is activated, it will remind you as soon as it detects that you have reached that place.


Get reminders

Do you frequently search for music, videos, TV shows and something like that on the internet? Then make use of the reminder option which will help you a lot. As you search for those things a reminder option will be visible at the bottom of search that says ‘remind about new episodes’. As this option is turned on, you will be automatically reminded in case there is any update to your search queries.


Travel arrangements

Google now can also be used to make your traveling or any other appointment more punctual. But ensure to use Google calendar for that purpose. When the Google Calendar is in use, you will be notified to leave on a particular time in order to reach the appointment location on time. The best thing is, it also take into account the traffic condition and then inform you beforehand to leave on time. But preferred mode of transport should be selected for that by going to Customize > Transportation and then go to Settings > Now cards and switch on the option ‘commute and time to leave on’.


Gmail cards and reservation

There are more Google Now tips and tricks. You can receive notification of booking confirmation or package delivery through Google Now. If you have Gmail cards and you normally receive all the notification of reservation or booking be it for a hotel, restaurant, or flight, Google Now can be linked to your email so that all the notification are pulled from your account into a more organized card. To enable this feature, head towards Settings > Google Now > Gmail Cards.


Enable voice speech saying Google

You can start a voice search just by saying Google. But in order to make this feature on Hotword detection is to be activated first. This can be turned on from Google Now menu. So go to settings from Google Now menu and then select Voice to tick the option ‘Hotword detection’.


Go for asking follow up questions

You can ask Google Now all types of question and it will promptly answer all the possible question as this personal assistant is really good at contextualizing what you mean to say. For example, you are asking Google Now that ‘how big is Texas’ and the next question can be ‘how is the weather there’. Google now easily understand what you mean to say by ‘there’ and will answer the question correctly. So, you can go for asking follow up questions without repeating the same thing again and again.


Set up relations

Google Now is actually pretty smart. It is too good at remembering things and can perfectly remember which contacts have what relationship with you. What you need to do is just say ‘Mr. X is my dad’ and rest of the things will be taken care by Google. But in case there are several entries in the contact list by the same name then ensure to confirm the right entry and then select add nickname. Once you have set this feature, you can then make use of other commands such as ‘call my dad’ or ‘email my husband’ etc.


Launch apps

When Google Now is there try to learn all the possible Google Now tricks and tips that will eliminate the use of your fingers and most of the things can be done by voice commands. Do you know that Google Now can be even used to launch all the apps on your device? For example, you want to launch Whatsapp, just say ‘Open Whatsapp’ and that’s it, WhatsApp will be launched instantly.


Commute sharing

Commute sharing is another interesting feature which can be activated in Google Now to get the best out of it. What commute sharing do for you is that in case you live in a place where a breakdown in public transport and traffic jam is a very common thing, then your family and dear ones can keep track where you are. However, you need to enable this first. You can do that by going to Menu > Settings > Google Now > Traffic > and then turn on the option ‘let them see the commute updates’.


So, the most useful 10 Google Now tips and tricks are listed here. Start using them and eventually you will be able to discover other hidden features as well to make Google Now highly enjoyable.

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