Google Vs Facebook

Google is an enormous company which came into existence by 1998, hence by now it has diversified its investment

Google is an enormous company which came into existence by 1998, hence by now it has diversified its investment in various different projects (android, google maps and etc.). As far as social networking is concerned than in 2011 Google introduced Google+ where people from all around the world may socialize, but Google+ faces serious obstacle from its competitor Facebook which has been able to capture a large number of social users. Other than Facebook there are other competitors of google + too like twitter, but still, Facebook is the biggest. Let me compare the powers of both google + and Facebook by listing .

Google plus vs Facebook


Amongst the large population of Internet users 69% users has their account with Facebook,  while 52% internet users have their account with google+ so 17% more Internet users have their account on Facebook.

Out of 69% internet users, 43% are the active users of Facebook while 23% from 52% are the active users of Google+


Some are gaining popularity while others losing popularity with the passage of time. There are various Social network sites but as far as Facebook is concerned then its popularity grew 18% in 12 month period while google+ able to acquire 23% popularity in 12 month time period


Different social networking websites are used by different people. If we talk from demographic perspective then LinkedIn is used with the highest proportion of business or salaried persons but let me stay on Facebook and Google+ alone. Facebook is used by approximately 57% male and 43% female with 79% people aged 16-44 years old. On the  other hand, 63% male and 37% female uses Google+ with 83% aged 16-44.


Total numbers of visits indicate how many times a website is visited in a specific period of time. In one month 809 million times Facebook was been visited whereas 1203 million users visited google+ in 1 month (although google+ figure is misleading because every time we check mail in Gmail then 1 visit of google+ is counted)


Only total number of users doesn’t matter but how many active and inactive users’ matters too. Thus 62% were active and 38% inactive users of Facebook in 12 month time period, In contrast to that 56% were active users of google+ and remaining 44% were inactive


Both Sites provide various useful features for instance posting, sharing links, commenting, messaging and much more which has put both sites in tough competition to capture the broader market. By the way, google+ is even allowing its users to watch an entire movie.

You might be wondering who cares how much active users a site has or how much times a site is visited. Well for marketers it matters a lot since they pay these companies a large sum of money to display advertisement on their respective websites. They analyze how many users visit a site, demographic information of users and many other things before placing a bid for advertisement in an appropriate site at the fair cost with an intention to attract new customers. And the profit from advertising is not a minor one like google made $42.5 billion and Facebook $5.09 billion in 2012. It is pretty clear that google is not overreacting to Facebook rise but actually it must act wisely to secure and snatch huge market for itself.

Is Google overreacting to the rise of Facebook?

However, It’s predicted that by 2016 Google  will surpass facebook

Is Google overreacting to the rise of Facebook?