Google Pixel And Pixel XL: 10 Useful Tips And Tricks

If you have recently purchased a new Google Pixel phone, that is definitely a good choice as this Android phone

If you have recently purchased a new Google Pixel phone, that is definitely a good choice as this Android phone is probably the smartest device packed with improved hardware and other features which are hardly available in any other Android devices. Google Pixel has so many hidden and amazing features that will blow your mind. Might be you become well acquainted with your device in this short period of time, but there are many more features about which many of us are really not aware. So, the most useful Google Pixel tips and tricks are listed here and by knowing these you can get the best out of your device.

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10 Useful Google Pixel Tips And Tricks

Have folders in dock

While Pixel Launcher has provided enough room that is space for five apps in the dock, you will be happy to hear that you can keep more than these numbers in the dock by creating a folder. Yes, what you are required to do is just convert one of any app in the dock into a folder and that’s it. Drag and place an app on top of an existing app and folders will be created at once. This hidden trick is really helpful in the new Google Pixel phone which eliminates the need of swiping to another screen all the time in search of your favorite app.


Night light mode

Night light mode is another useful Google Pixel feature that helps you having a better sleep at night and Google has brought this feature in their new flagship device so that users can have more rest at night time. Usually, the blue light emitted from smartphone display interferes with our sleep by disturbing the brain. But this night light mode what does is removing most of the blue light and thus helps us to sleep quickly. This feature can be turned on easily by heading towards Settings > Display > Night light and turn it on. Also, there is an option to schedule the night light so that it will be turned on and off at certain times.


Search from home screen

Even though the home screen is bit different than that of other Android devices, it lets you search things from the home screen itself. What you are needed to do is just tap on the G icon located at the left top corner of the screen and it will bring a search bar instantly. So, keep searching from the home screen only rather than swiping to any other screen.


Wake up the device without touching home/power button

We usually know that most of the Android device requires a small touch on the home or power button to wake them up. But with this new Google Pixel device, you can wake up the phone not even touching the home button and providing the PIN or password whatever you have set. In such case, a fingerprint scanner is the one does the job but for that, you need to set it up and then just a simple touch on the sensor will wake up the device and will take it to the home screen directly.


Google assistance as memory

Do you forget things easily? Then do not worry if you have a new Google Pixel XL device as it can help you in this case. Google Assistance is a great feature in this device that you can use to save things like whom you are meeting at lunch, your password and other important details that you need very frequently. And then just ask it to Google Assistance when required.


Customize news and daily digest

This is really good news for all those newshounds people who love to start their day with listening to the most relevant broadcast. Google has wrapped up a feature that allows users to customize the news broadcast according to their preference. To set your preference head towards Google Assistance > Settings and set your preference from there. Next when you say Google assistance ‘good morning’ or else ‘tell me about the day’, it will start playing the news broadcast according to your preference.


Quick access to camera

This is one of the amazing features and many Google Pixel XL users are not aware of it. Most of us know that camera is accessible from the lock screen but have you ever wondered if you can have access to the camera from any of the screen on your device? Yes, this is possible with this new Google Pixel device. Just double press on the power button and it will take you straight to the camera app.


Moves feature

Google have packed a feature in their new Pixel and Pixel device that let you accomplish various tasks through a simple gesture thus makes things much easier. For example, switch between the front and back camera with a simple twist, check the notifications by swiping down the fingerprint sensor and more. But this feature remain disabled by default and you can activate it by going to Settings > Moves and there you can set each move as required.



This is another great feature in the Google Pixel device that let users use two apps at a time. What you need to do to activate this feature is just tap on the multitasking square looking button and the screen will be divided into two parts either the top bottom or else left and right part in case you are in horizontal mode.

Another helpful use of the multitasking square button is getting back to the previous app. For that just double tap on the button and it will take you straight to the previous app.


Make use of 24/7 support

24/7 support is among the amazing Google Pixel tips and tricks that help you explore more about the device. For any kind of query related to Pixel or your Android device, get that answer from the support team. For that head towards Settings > Support tab and then either start chatting with the Google support team or else request them for a phone call. This support is available for free, so not to worry, just put your question and get the answer immediately.


The most useful Google Pixel tips and tricks are listed here. You can make use of these to get the best out of your device. This device comes with so many amazing things and features. The best thing you can do is make use of the 24/7 free customer support and become an expert in using your Google Pixel device. Enjoy!

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