GoToWebinar Vs Livestorm

GoToWebinar and Livestorm both are webinar platforms available for users ranging from individual users to big

GoToWebinar and Livestorm both are webinar platforms available for users ranging from individual users to big corporate users for online collaboration, meetings, seminars, etc. These webinar platforms help in running businesses set up across various countries. They help in increasing effective communications between various entities like company heads and stockholders, teachers, and students, company and its customers, etc. For the work from home jobs, these webinar platforms act as the most necessary tool for managing various planning, goal-setting, and goal deadlines. Both GoToWebinar and Livestorm are top of the class webinar platforms. However, both of them have certain dissimilarities that make them stand apart from each other. In this article, some of these major dissimilarities are being discussed.

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GoToWebinar and Livestorm have different price plans for their users.

For GoToWebinar, there are 5 types of price plans available: Tier 1 to tier 5 plans. Each of these 5 plans has a different number of users limit and are priced according to some amount per user per month. For the tier 1 price plan, the price is $ 29.95 per user per month for 1-4 users. The tier 2 plan supports 5-9 users at a rate of $ 25.95 per user per month. In tier 3, tier 4 and tier 5 price plans, the rate charged per user per month is $ 23.95, $ 21.95 and $ 19.95 while the number of users under these respective plans are 10-24 users, 25-49 users, and 50+ users.

Livestorm offers 3 types of monthly price schemes. The first price scheme named ‘webinar and meet basic’ is available free of cost forever. However, there is a limit on per meeting participants to be up to 4 in number with a maximum of 10 registrants per webinar. The second type of scheme is called ‘webinar premium’. This is priced at $ 109 per host per month. The ‘webinar premium’ has a limit of a maximum of 4 hours for a webinar session. A maximum of 100 live session attendees can be accommodated under this price scheme. There is another price scheme called ‘meet premium’. This has its price starting from $ 39 per host per month. There can be a maximum number of participants as 8. For all the price schemes mentioned for the Livestorm webinar platform, there is an option of a free trial for a certain number of days. Users can use this free trial to test the software and verify if it suits their needs.

Downloads required

For GoToWebinar, there is a download required for the host as well as the attendees. However, there is an option of using an alternative to downloading some software. The alternative is GoToWebcast. Livestorm, however, does not require any download. It can be used directly from a browser from a device connected to a stable internet connection. Being available to be used 100% from a browser, Livestorm attracts greater webinar participation rates and ease of use for the end-user. Even from smartphones, the webinar can be accessed on the Livestorm platform.


Landing page customizations, automated email customization, and registration page customizations are some of the customizations possible through the Livestorm webinar platform. Slack notifications are possible in Livestorm while they are not possible in the GoToWebinar platform. Advanced email customizations can be done by the Livestom but not by the GoToWebinar platform. There are different variables that you can add in your emails to make the email have a personal touch to them. If emails have a personal touch to them, then you can have a better chance of your webinar to have more number of participants.