‘Guacamole’ Feature Of Google Assistant Will Eliminate The Need To Say ‘Hey Google’

Google Assistant has, arguably, been one of the most useful and innovative discoveries by the multinational

Google Assistant has, arguably, been one of the most useful and innovative discoveries by the multinational technology company based in the United States. It is a virtual assistant that can be used on both smartphones and on smart home devices. One of the factors that makes it unique is the fact that it can participate in two-way conversations.

Launched as recently as in 2016, the product has become extremely popular in very little time. While most users converse with it with the help of their natural voice, it is also capable of taking instructions through an input device like a keyboard.

Use Google Assistant Without the Use of ‘Hey Google’

Ever since it was launched, Google has made continuous efforts to make it better and more user-friendly. Now, it has been learnt that they are working towards developing a new feature named ‘Guacamole’ that will enable users to start using Google Assistant without ‘waking’ it up with the phrase ‘Hey Google’.

After this feature is implemented, those who use Google Assistant would be able to carry out quick tasks like turning off the alarm, answering incoming calls without saying ‘Hey Google’. At the moment, the Guacamole feature can be found in the Google app beta 12.5 which runs Android 11. Once you go to the primary Assistant settings list, you can trace it easily.

Confirming this development, a spokesperson from Google said, “We’re constantly experimenting with new ways to improve the overall experience with Google Assistant. We have no additional details to share at this time.”

How will the ‘Guacamole’ Feature be Useful?

Unlike other developers, Google’s updates do feature unfinished features. This, in a way, gives one an idea about the fact that the company is working towards bringing a lot of new features and upgrades. Once this feature is implemented in its final form, users will be able to do a variety of tasks using the Google Assistant without saying ‘Hey Google’.

The Guacamole feature will give users the freedom to just say words like ‘answer call’, ‘stop alarm’ and ‘snooze’ instead of first activating the Google Assistant by saying ‘Hey Google’. While this might not mean much to some people, the fact remains that it will make the process of using Google Assistant a lot easier.

The fact that the tech giant is serious about making Google Assistant better is evident by the fact that it launched several new features for it this week. Now, you can use Google Assistant to trace your iPhone even when it’s in another room and on silent mode. It can now also be used to put together smart home routines and perform tasks like ordering food from a restaurant. The implementation of the new feature will definitely add to the convenience factor associated with using Google Assistant.