How To Access An ITunes Account After Death

The question “what happens to an iTunes account after death” might have come to many minds. Almost all the iOS

The question “what happens to an iTunes account after death” might have come to many minds. Almost all the iOS device users have an iTunes account where all the digital contents such as music, app and other stuff remain stored. The owner signs into this account using the Apple ID and password to get access to the stored contents. So, what actually happens to this account when the owner dies? Before knowing the process of how to recover itunes password to access the iTunes accounts you should know that what happens to this account and how to pass on the account to another person (relatives, close friends).

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What happens to the iTunes account after death?

When a user signs up for the iTunes account, he or she needs to follow all the rules and regulation of Apple by accepting the terms and conditions. In the terms & conditions, nothing is mentioned about what will happen to the account after death. However, it says the following statement:

  • You can’t sell, lend, rent or sublicense the licensed application in anyway.
  • In case you are planning to sell the Mac or iOS device, it is important to remove the licensed application before selling it to others.
  • According to the statement from Apple, all the contents in iTunes account remain locked, and no way it can be passed on to other people.

The close relatives or family people can do something as apple staff is really helpful, and [email protected] is the mail id where you can write to discuss about it.


How to pass on the digital devices after death?

If you have a wish that any of your close ones from family will have the ability to access your i tunes account, the best way is to mention the Apple ID, password and other details in a will. This is the easiest way to let other access your account after death.

iTunes account


That iTunes account then can be accessed. You can also change the name, email id and change the iTunes password. Thus a new account will be created.

But in case the owner of that device has enabled the two-step verification procedure, a code will be sent to that person’s mobile or any other iOS device. If that device is locked with a pass code, it will create a problem again. So, it is recommended to mention the passcode of the iOS devices also along with the Apple ID and password. Otherwise, the iTunes account will become useless and no one will be able to access it.


A way to recover and access the digital content in iTunes account after death

Recovering and accessing digital contents after death is possible easily in case you know all the iTunes account details (Apple ID and password). But, in a situation when you are not having any of these details, what to do? Don’t worry, you can still recover iTunes password and to access it if you get the deceased person’s computer, iPad or iPhone anything. Here is how to recover itunes password.

  • Start the person’s Mac and open iTunes. Tap on the option ‘store’ which is the Apple ID. But do not click on the email address that is shown next to the ‘view account’ option.
  • Next, open the mail app to see if you are able to access the mail app or not.
  • In case you do not know the Apple ID, click on System preference > iCloud and press on the person’s name. It will display the Apple ID that is used for this device.
  • Now, launch safari and type the URL Enter the Apple ID and click next.
  • Select the email authentication and click on next.
  • You will now be able to check the mail.

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  • Apple will then send you a mail mentioning a link to reset the password using which you can log into iTunes account. That’s it.

There are various options available to deal with the account. In case you wish to close the account completely after the person dies, this is also possible as Apple has activated this service as well.