How To Collaborate On Blackboard

Blackboard application is a great app to learn and share the knowledge with the other students by posting questions

Blackboard application is a great app to learn and share the knowledge with the other students by posting questions and answers in the forum on the Discussion Boards. But there is another option that Blackboard is providing to its users.

The teachers can create a Collaborate classroom and have a lecture like those in the school. It lets teachers and students communicate in a virtually created classroom and in real-time. Are you a lecturer and wondering how to collaborate on Blackboard? Here are some solutions that we wrote down for you.

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The procedure of creating a collaborative classroom

If you are a teacher and want to give a lecture to your students online, the Blackboard provides you the ability to create a virtual classroom. It is a straightforward procedure that can be done in just a couple of steps. To start, you should sign in to your account on the Blackboard.

Then, go to the Courses section and choose the course you are about to hold the session in. Now, look at the main menu on the left side of your screen and find the Tools heading. When you click on the Tools, you will have a list of options opened on your central and right sides of the screen. You should click on the Blackboard Collaborate option and when it opens, proceed to the button Create Session.

Now, you should set the name of the session and the time that the session will start and end. There are many options in the Collaborate classroom, and you can check them and turn on any that fits your needs best.

Attend session using different types of operating system

If you use the Windows operating system to start the Collaborate session on Blackboard, it is different from accessing from the device that uses the Mac operating system.

So, to access the session from Windows, head to the Tools and then to the Blackboard Collaborate in the main menu on the Blackboard. Then click on the Scheduler page and open the Room details option. There, you will see the button named Join Room.

You will have to install the launcher before you can access the session. The files will be downloaded, and you will have to install them then. Just follow the directions and install it. When you have done so, you will be able to access the session every time in the future.

Attend session using the Mac operating system

The procedure to join the Collaborate session on the Blackboard is slightly different than from Windows. Here are some steps to follow. At first, open the Tools in the main menu on the Blackboard, and then head to the Session Schedule. Now, find the Room details and press the Join Room button.

If you are trying to access it for the first time, you will have to download some files that need to be installed first. The browser will show you when the download is done, so you will have the window opened asking you to install the downloaded content. Click on the install button and wait a couple of seconds. Now, when you have the launcher installed, a collaboration session on the Blackboard will be opened.

How to join a session from a smartphone?

You can follow the sessions on the Collaborate Blackboard classroom from your smartphone. To do so, open the browser on your phone, and go to your Blackboard account. Now, head to the collaboration session that is scheduled and launch it.

It will be opened in the Collaborate application for mobile devices. Blackboard Collaborate applications can be found in the Google Play Store and on iTunes as well.