How To Do Ghosting On Houseparty

You have probably heard of a Ghosting feature that is available in the Houseparty application. This feature

You have probably heard of a Ghosting feature that is available in the Houseparty application. This feature allows you to ghost (in other words avoid) people while you are using this application. The people who are ghosted by you will not get a notification when you enter or open the Houseparty application. And this feature is really amazing if you ask us. You are able to avoid some people who bother you. They will never find out that you have ghosted them, they will just think that you are offline.

So, in this article, we are going to be showing you how to ghost some people in the Houseparty application. Head over to the first paragraph to start learning this process.

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Steps to ghosting someone in the Houseparty application

If you want to ghost only one person, you can start by opening the Houseparty application on your device.

When the Home page of the app loads on your screen, click on the small smiley face button that should be located in the top left corner of your screen. You will be opening up your friends’ list. In that list, find a friend whom you want to ghost and click on them to open a chat with them. You should be able to see a small gear icon located right next to their name. By clicking on that gear icon you will be opening up a small pop-up menu with many different options.

The first option in that pop-up menu should be the Ghost option. To turn it on, simply click on that toggle button. When it becomes green, you will know that it has been turned on and that that person can no longer see when you are active on the Houseparty app, and more importantly, they will not get any notifications that notify them when you open the Houseparty app on your device.

Steps to ghost everyone in the Houseparty application

If you are an iPhone user, you have the ability to ghost everyone who is your friend in the Houseparty app. The people who use the app call this “sneaking into the house”. And here is how to do it:

When you open up the Houseparty app, you should be able to find and tap on that smiley face icon again. Do so, and wait until the new window with some options has shown up on your screen. You should be able to see your friends list too, but, click on the small gear icon at the top right corner of that window. You will be opening up the settings.

In the Settings of the app, find the Manage Notifications section and click on that too to open it up. Here, you are able to ghost some of your friends, or ghost everyone. Since we have previously explained how to ghost individual friends, you should now change (Under the Send out my notifications section) to No one. Now, no one will be able to see when you open the app nor when you are active. A small notification will show up at the beginning of your screen telling you that you have just snuck into the house and that your friends did not get any notification.

If you want to turn this Sneaking into the house mode off, you can always do so by doing these steps in reverse. When you reach the notifications menu, simply turn the sneak into the house feature off, and your friends will get notifications from then.