What To Do If You Spilled Water On Your Laptop

If you dropped water on your laptop, there is a quick fix that can save the device. Of all the liquids that

If you dropped water on your laptop, there is a quick fix that can save the device.

Of all the liquids that you can accidentally spill on your laptop, the most common one is water. If you’re among those to whom this happened, be aware that there are some steps you can follow to remove water from inside and prevent any damage to your device.

First of all, you should know that this guide is available only if you’re dealing with water. Drinks that contain sugar or alcoholic beverages are more dangerous and requires more attention during the cleaning. In such situations, you can follow the first 4 steps of this guide. Because of a large amount of debris that can leave these fluids, it’s recommended to contact a qualified service before you restart the device.

You can read HERE a helpful guide for those who dropped the phone in water.

After you dropped liquid on your laptop, you need to unplug it. This is the first and most important step because it’s concerned the user’s safety.

The second step would be to shut down the laptop, and when it’s possible, remove the battery to avoid any unpleasant situation.

Step three. Once you’ve shut down the laptop and you removed the battery, you’ll have to hold the screen at an angle of about 90 degrees, and place the laptop upside down on a flat surface. In this way, the water won’t get into the device, so you can protect extremely important components, such as the motherboard.


Step four. A cloth or paper towels can be used in the fourth step to clean up the excess water. Don’t wipe the device, but leave the cloth or napkin to absorb the water. It’s not recommended to use a fan because you could introduce more dust inside.

After you passed this step, in case you are dealing with water, you must leave the laptop to dry at least 24 hours. Some people recommend even 48 hours. Of course, there are some recommendations somewhat strange, such as putting the laptop in a compartment filled with grains of rice or silica gel, to get rid of moisture, but it’s not mandatory.

After 24 or 48 hours, try rebooting the laptop (if it’s possible without the battery), and if everything works properly in the next period, congratulations! You are among the lucky ones!