How To Edit Video On Byte App

Byte app is an application similar to Vine, it is actually made and found by Vine’s co-founder and director.

Byte app is an application similar to Vine, it is actually made and found by Vine’s co-founder and director. This app allows you to record and upload 6 seconds short videos. Unlike TikYok, the Byte app does not have an option to edit videos in the app. You are just able to film it there, but you cannot add filters or some kind of effects to your video. If you want to edit your video and make it as better as possible, you have to do that outside of the ByteApp. You can do that by downloading some other app for video editing. In this article we will be showing you those kinds of apps that are available for both Android and iPhone devices.

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You can start by filming a video for Byte App outside of Byte as well. Just make sure that you film a 6-second short video or you will not be able to upload it to your Byte profile. So go ahead and be creative, funny, and unique while filming. Do some fast sketches or make some videos that can later become a meme material and you will for sure be recognized all over other social media networks as well. But remember to record your video in vertical, because Byte app does not support horizontal videos.

The editing process

Once you are done filming your short video, you should now get to the editing work. Depending on what kind of thing you want to add to your video (effects, headlines, text, or even filters) we are going to list out some apps that can provide that to you, and that is of course, available on Android and IOS devices.

Some of the best apps for video editing out there: PowerDirector, VideoStar, InShot, Kapwing, VideoLeap, YouCut, VideoShow, VivaCut and etc. Some of these apps are and some require a small amount of money so you could use them. But usually, monthly subscription fees to these kinds of apps are really low and affordable. Of course, if you think that you have advanced skills in video editing, you can always download programs like Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, or Sony Vegas Pro, but have in mind that these are professional programs and require at least basic knowledge in video editing.

We will be showing you how you can edit your videos on Kapwing, because Kapwing is available for Windows, Android, and, of course, IOS devices. And it is a program that it is really easy to use!

How to use Kapwing?

You can just download the Kapwing app on your phone, or simply open it in the browser of your computer.

This is the easiest and the best way to add some music, effects, filters, and more, just with your basic knowledge in video editing. So just open Kapwing on your device and start editing. You are even able to add side-by-side videos next to yours and make the edit even better! When you open Kapwing on your device you will be able to see many options there. For example, by clicking on the Text option you can type something, choose its font, size, and stroke and place it somewhere in your video. You are able to add some pictures from your device in your video too, by clicking on the Photo option and then choosing which photo you want, and placing it anywhere in your video. You can even add subtitles! You will, of course, have to write them yourself, but it is a great feature! So be creative and explore the best features of the Kapwing app. We are sure that you will make a super fun and attractive video!

When you are done editing, save the video to your device and upload it to the Byte app.