How To Hide Or Delete YouTube Channel

We are all familiar with YouTube, as well as with the fact that you can open your channel there, upload different

We are all familiar with YouTube, as well as with the fact that you can open your channel there, upload different types of content, follow the other users, make money, and many other possibilities. What we all don’t know is that you can hide your channel from YouTube or remove it once for all. Many users are wondering how to hide or delete the YouTube channel? We answered this question in the text below, so stay tuned to get more information.

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Hide the channel on YouTube

When you are about to hide the channel, you have on YouTube, it is a temporary action and you will have the ability to reverse this action. Turning this option on will make your channel and its content such as videos, comments, likes, subscribers, and subscriptions as the private. So, it means that your comments will be removed as well as the replies to the comments. The other data will stick there, as the private.

So, when you want to hide the channel, this is how the procedure is going. Open YouTube, and sign in with the account you are about to hide. Now, head to the Settings menu and look for the Advanced Settings heading that should be placed on the left side. When you have opened it, your next target is the Delete channel option. Also, you might be asked to type in your username and password again.

When you have done it, you will get to the page with the topics about what you want to do with the channel. You should choose the options that offer you to hide the channel or to hide the content from the channel. Next, you are going to notice the boxes you can select considering which of the content from your channel is going to be hidden.

If you have done it, hit the Hide my channel option. To get back, you can always re-enable your channel and keep where you have left off.

Delete the channel

If you want to delete the channel you have on YouTube, you should know a couple of things. Once deleted, the YouTube channel cannot be brought back, and all of your data will be removed permanently as well. All data means all the videos, messages, playlists, comments, and history. But, if you have decided to remove your channel once for all, there are the steps you should follow.

First, sign in on YouTube with the details of the channel that is going to be deleted, and then head to the Settings menu. There, open the Account Settings option and proceed to the Channel’s name. Tap on it, and then find and click on the Advanced option. Scroll to the bottom and open the Delete channel option. It can be named as Delete content as well. There you can be asked to type in your username and password.

Now, you will see the option that provides you with removing the content that was placed on the channel. Select it, and then you should also select the confirmation boxes. Next, and final step is to select the option for deleting channel. Click on it, and your channel will be permanently removed.

Differences between hiding and delete options

When you delete your channel on YouTube, it is once and for all with no possibilities to get it back. Your channel’s URL and name will not be available to find using the search option, and all the content will be permanently deleted.

When you hide the channel, you will only make it to be private, but the comments will be deleted permanently, as well as the replies.

The main difference is that you can get your channel back after you have to hide it before, but once deleted channel is impossible to get back.