How To Make A Back Up Of Your Devices With ITunes Or ICloud

Hadeel – If you decide to make a complete back up of your iPod, iPad or iPhone you will have a copy of


If you decide to make a complete back up of your iPod, iPad or iPhone you will have a copy of all your information. Your media, photos and every little bit of data you ever had on your device. If anything happens to your Apple devices, you will always have a back up of your data. This allows you to transfer all the files you had in you previous device, to your new one.

Pick a backup scheme

Before you can start with making your back you first have to understand the clear different between making a backup with the help of iCloud or iTunes. For instance, backups made via iCloud comprise of variant sorts of data that do not exist with iTunes backups. The decision is entirely up to you, which one to choose; iTunes or iCloud. But do not let that be a major problem for if you ever need an alternative choice you can make a backup in both of them for further use.

How to Make a Backup Using iCloud

Step #1: WiFi

Connect your Apple device to your Wi-Fi network

Step #2: Backup

If you currently own iOS 8 or more (later) you can go to Settings > iCloud > Backup

But if you have iOS 7 or lesser (earlier) you have to go Settings > iCloud > Storage and Backup.

Step #3: iCloud

One must ensure that iCloud back up is turned on so as the procedure can follow up smoothly.


Step #4: Complete Process

As you can see in the picture, there is an option labeled as “Back Up Now”. Click on it and make sure that your device stays connected to a Wi-Fi network until the whole process is complete. If any mishap occurs and somehow your Apple device gets disconnected, stop the Back Up and delete all the data that has been backed up partly and start over.

Step #5: Ensure

After you have ensured that the backup procedure is completely done you have to make sure that your data has been copied for safety’s sake. Now go to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage Storage. There you will find all of your files with correct date and file size.

During the progress you have turned on iCloud Backup. In future iCloud will automatically backup all your new files. iCloud will make its daily automated backups only if you are connected to a Wi-Fi network power source and if your Apple device’s screen is locked.