How To Play Google Stadia For Free

Google introduced a cloud-based gaming service in November 2019 which can allow the streaming of video games

Google introduced a cloud-based gaming service in November 2019 which can allow the streaming of video games up to 4K resolution. With a high-speed data connection, you can achieve 60 frames/s from Google’s centers around the world. The service can be accessed on the company platforms like chrome, Pixel phones, Chromecast, and also on supported devices from Samsung, OnePlus, and Asus. The service can be accessed without charge with a Gmail account and a compatible device but it will be devoid of some features. Although, all the premium features can be accessed by purchasing ‘Stadia Pro’ for 9.99 dollars a month. If you are skeptical about buying it, you can still access it for free, and here’s how you can proceed.

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Signing up for the service

The first thing you need is a Google account which isn’t linked to a G Suite account. Next, you need the app on your device on which you can sign up using your account even if you don’t have an invite code. To get going, click on ‘Get Started’ and choose your account. Next, accept the confirmation to proceed further. You will be asked to enter an invite code, for which you can choose to continue without code as we are signing up for the base service. For the next step, accept the terms and conditions, select your avatar, and write yourself a gaming name. The signing up also gets you the games included in the pro edition without any cost for two months.

Inclusions in the free edition

The service’s free edition lets you play games up-to-the resolution of 1080p only, though the rates of frames per second are the same. The sound type is stereo and you can purchase games whenever you want but unlike in the pro edition, no new free games are not released orderly. The service itself is free but you still have to buy games for which you get a discount on the pro user interface but it is not included in the base edition.

Buying the games

The store in the app lists all the games you can access, the prices are listed by the publisher and is sold by the company. If you have subscribed to the pro package, you will get the occasional discounts on the games which happen from time to time.

Best games to buy

If you are just getting started with this service and don’t know which games to get a hand on, here’s a list for the top games for you.

  1. DOOM Eternal
  2. Red Dead Redemption 2
  3. Borderlands 3
  4. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
  5. Tomb Raider Trilogy
  6. Lost Words: Beyond the Page
  7. Thumper
  8. Grid
  9. Get Packed
  10. Samurai Shodown

Upgrading the package

The service is capable of doing more with the upgraded package which costs almost 10 dollars a month but it also has features to match up the price. If you like playing games and want a smooth user interface with access to a variety of games, so after the free trial is over, you can decide for yourself.

Canceling the subscription

As mentioned before, you get the pro package for free for two months so if after this time is over, you don’t want to purchase it, it will just get back to the base package and you can still play the games you bought. Though, you will lose the features of the pro edition like high-quality resolution and sound. The free games which also came with the package will also not be accessible anymore.