How To Post IGTV Videos On Your Feed

In this article, we are going to be explaining to you a way to post your IGTV video as a video that appears

In this article, we are going to be explaining to you a way to post your IGTV video as a video that appears in your Instagram feed too. This is a very easy guide, and you are going to finish this process in just a few minutes. So without further ado, let’s start.

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Steps to uploading your IGTV videos on your feed and profile

Whenever you want to upload an IGTV video on Instagram, you are able to choose whether or not you also want to post it as a preview on your feed and on your profile. You need to start the uploading process of IGTV videos first. And just in case if you do not know how to upload them, we are going to show you a quick step-by-step guide for that too. If you want to skip the basics, head over to the third paragraph here.

So, you have to go to your profile in the Instagram application. Swipe left in order to open up the right sidebar on your screen. When that right sidebar shows up, look for the Settings section there and click on it in order to expand the Settings for your account. And when Settings load on your screen, the first thing that you will see there is the Create a Channel button. By clicking on that button you are going to create your own IGTV channel where you can upload IGTV videos, so, go ahead and click on that button.

You are going to be taken to the IGTV home page where one of the currently most popular IGTV videos is going to be playing in the background. You will need to find your profile picture and click on it in order to open up your channel. When your channel opens up, look for the + button that is located somewhere on your screen in order to start uploading your IGTV video. After you have clicked on it, you should be able to see your gallery’s videos. Go through your gallery and choose a video that you want to upload to your IGTV channel. After you have chosen a video, the upload screen should show up.

In that upload screen, you will have the ability to name your video and to give it a small description. So, firstly, go ahead and do that. After filling and typing that out, in that upload screen, under the Instagram section, you should be able to see one slider button. By clicking on that slider button, you will be enabling the option to Instagram to post that IGTV video as a preview on your feed. Before you finish, you maybe also want to change the cover of your IGTV video, but you do not have to, that is totally your choice. After you have finished with the video editing, click on the Post button that is located in the top right corner of your screen.

When the uploading process has been finished, go to your Instagram profile to check if the video has been uploaded as a preview too. If it isn’t you might want to read the second heading in order to try and fix your problem.

If you are having some issues while trying to upload the IGTV as a preview on your feed

You might have to check and see if you have done all of these steps right. So, just repeat them again, and delete the previous IGTV post. If you are sure that you did them right, you might have to consider contacting Instagram’s support staff form more information and solutions.