How To Reset And Re-repair Your Apple Watch

The release of Apple Watch from the Apple’s series of gadgets, the technology has reached to a different level.

The release of Apple Watch from the Apple’s series of gadgets, the technology has reached to a different level.  The watch has attracted everybody with its beautiful design and marvelous features. Being a costly device every user has some expectation from their investment.

Sometimes, some issues may occur. We are also going to discuss the steps on how to reset and repair your Apple Watch and how to hard reset Apple watch. It is always advisable to fully charge your Apple watch before performing the following steps.

Solution 1:



  • We initially concentrate on re-starting your Apple watch by pressing and holding the side button.
  • The sliders will be visible on the screen of Apple watch.
  • Swipe the slider stating Power OFF to the right. Now, the watch display screen will be black.
  • The button which is placed just below the digital crown, hold it and press it downwards to turn the watch on.
  • Perhaps, the watch might not power on so we are going to perform by step on how to factory reset Apple watch.

Solution 2:

  • To perform a hard reset, press and hold the side button downwards to force start the watch and keep pressing it until the Apple logo appears or Apple logo prompt.
  • At times, the Apple watch does not start. In that case, press the digital crown to bring up the app screen.
  • Now go to the settings app and click on general and then swipe down to hard reset the watch.
  • Click on erasing all the content and settings and after putting the password confirm to erase
  • Let’s concentrate on how to pair Apple watch with the iPhone
  • Now, wear the Apple watch on your wrist and press and hold the side button till Apple logo appears
  • Open the watch app in your iPhone and search for your Apple watch
  • Now the instructions would be prompted on your watch as well as your iPhone. Follow them and finish the setup
  • Your Apple Watch should work normally.

If not, then follow the steps on how to pair Apple watch the second time:

        Solution 3:

  • Keep your Apple Watch and your iPhone together; open the app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on my watch, then tap unpair Apple Watch
  • Tap again to confirm
  • Use these steps to repair your Apple Watch

The same procedure will be applied on how to pair apple watch with iPad. The above-explained steps will reset your Apple watch and it will be ready. This solution will reset the Apple watch without any loss of data.

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