How To Switch Between Twitter Accounts

Twitter has become a very used social network in the past few years. It definitely one of the quickest ways

Twitter has become a very used social network in the past few years. It definitely one of the quickest ways to share information with others. You just post a tweet, and you use a hashtag and you are already going viral. And it is the only social media that lets you express yourself and to share what is on your mind with other people. We even discovered that famous people have a tendency to open a Twitter account rather than opening an account on Instagram. You are probably able to find your favorite celebrity’s account.

If you maybe have more than one Twitter account, and you do not know how to switch between them, do not worry, we will try our best to help you! These instructions are going to be for both iPhone, Android, and Windows devices.

We are going to assume that you have already made and verified several Twitter accounts.

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For Androids:

  • Firs open your Twitter app on your phone. And look for your profile picture on the menu that will be on the left side of the screen. Tap on it so you will be taken to your profile.
  • Look for the three dots, More option and click on it once you find it.
  • You are going to see an option to add or make a new Twitter account. Select and click on Add.
  • Log into your second account (or if you have more, log into all of them).
  • When you add them, those accounts, you will be able to switch between them by clicking on the profile icon of that profile that you want to use. The list of profiles will be in the left menu of your phone’s screen.

If you are using Twitter lite, these steps will work, since it is the same app only “lighter” so it does not take up much space on your device.

For Windows and Mac devices:

  • Go to your profile by clicking on your profile icon or just on your profile picture.
  • Search for the three-dotted icon or the + icon somewhere on your PC’s screen.
  • Click on one of those options and you will be able to log into your other accounts from there.
  • To switch between the profiles, click on your profile icon, and look for the smaller profile icons of your other profiles next to that, the username will be shown as well.
  • Click on the account that you want to currently use and that is all.

If you are using an iPhone:

  • Open your Twitter app and swipe right so that the menu will show up on your screen.
  • Look for the three dots More option in that menu and click on it.
  • A new menu should show up and now you will need to click on Add an account option, or register to a new account it is up to you.
  • Once you’ve logged in (or registered a new account), you will be able to switch between the accounts.
  • Again, swipe right so that the menu shows up, find the profile that you want to use, the username will be next to the profile picture, and tap on it.
  • And that was the whole science of it.

If you want to remove the additional accounts so that you are only left with one, you can simply log out of all the others except that one. And the process of adding them back again is the same.

If you are unable to add more accounts, please firstly check your internet connection. Restart your phone, if you are still having problems, or, uninstall and then install the app again.