Instagram Reels To Show Ads; Facebook Stories To Test Sticker Ads

Instagram is testing a new ‘ads’ feature to be showcased in its reels function. The ads will be

Instagram is testing a new ‘ads’ feature to be showcased in its reels function. The ads will be initially tested for the product being used in the countries of Germany, Brazil, India, and Australia. It will then be extended to other groups of countries later on. The ads can be as long as thirty seconds. The ads in the Instagram reels will look alike those seen in stories, meaning that they will be full screen and vertically fitted. But the ads in reels will appear with more options such as like, share, save, comment, and skip.

The parent company Facebook mentioned that it is striving to earn more money through its reels feature that mimics the Tik Tok video application. Facebook is likely to earn more in countries like India where Tik Tok is banned and the huge crowd of content creators has been shifted to Instagram for the short video feature in the form of reels. The vice president of the global business group of Facebook said that the introduction of ads in reels is driven by the strong and increasing momentum for Instagram reels. The advertisers will be allowed to select the video categories that they would like to show ads about. Since Facebook gains a considerable amount of data circling around the interests of its users, the ads feature will let the brands advertise their products in line with the content creation.

‘Sticker Ads’ on Facebook Stories

In the coming weeks, Facebook is all set to try out sticker ads on Facebook stories. The brands creating stickers will be available for the users and influencers to create attractive content. Any purchase made through the stories will make some part of its way straight to the influencers. The ads are created in such a way that the business advertising looks more organic than a discreet business promotion or advertising. Though the ads mention being “Sponsored” but the font is so thin and almost noticeable that people will easily miss out on knowing that the influences are getting a chunk of sales for doing the promotion.

The company has been trying out new features to boost sales through the medium of its platform. Therefore, the sticker ads will be the step to achieve that. The users can tap on the stickers to buy them, following which the influencers get paid for the revenue generated through their profiles. Also, the stickers ads are a way of creating more numbers of content creators and unintended brand promotion.

The ads in reels by Instagram are in no way different from the content pattern adopted by Facebook. It’s the same way of advertising along with content creation. However, this time, it appears in the reels.