How To Fix Internet Response Problems And DNS Server Errors

All of us would have come across this error message that comes up on our browser every now and then when we

All of us would have come across this error message that comes up on our browser every now and then when we try to browse our favourite websites. The error message reads ” This Webpage is not available because the DNS lookup failed.” This prevents you from opening any webpages and makes you irritated and frustrated. This error comes up due to a very simple issue that your default DNS servers can’t provide the page that you are requesting. In this article we will be discussing about How to Fix Internet Response Problems and DNS Server Errors.

What is DNS?

DNS stands for Domain Name System. It translates Internet Domain and host names to IP Address. DNS automatically translates the name we type in our browser address bar to the IP Addresses of web servers hosting these websites. In simple layman terms, suppose Server X hosts the website and the IP Address of server X is, when you try to open Google, you go to the address bar and type and hit Enter. As soon as you hit Enter, DNS translates the name of this website into the corresponding IP address of the server hosting it i.e. and you would be connected to Google.

Hot to spot and fix DNS errors?

The following symptoms would help you determine if you are facing Internet response problems and DNS server errors:-

-> Browser becomes extremely slow
-> Browser loading only half loaded websites
-> Loading bar not responding
-> Issues loading up only specific websites

Now that you know all the symptoms that might be caused due to DNS error here is the workaround for fixing the issue:-

-> Go to Control Panel
-> Open Network and Sharing Centre
-> Click on Adapter Settings on the top left hand side of the window
-> Select your Network Adapter from the list. In case of wired connection it should be “Local Area Network” or “Ethernet” and in case of wireless connection it should be “Wireless Network Adapter”
-> Right click on the adapter and select Properties.
-> Select TCP/IP (v4) and select Properties again. You would see the following window

How to Fix Internet Response Problems and DNS Server Errors

TCP/IP v4 Properties

-> Choose ” Use  the following IP address” and “Use the following DNS server address”.
-> Enter the following data in it

IP Address:
Subnet Mask: Just click on the selection bar and data would populate automatically.
Default Gateway:
Primary DNS server:
Secondary DNS server:

-> Click on OK. You can change DNS settings if you face the problem again for Internet problems and DNS server errors.