IPhone Loud Speaker

The loud speakers of the iPhones and other iOS devices are their greatest achievements. All of the Apple devices

The loud speakers of the iPhones and other iOS devices are their greatest achievements. All of the Apple devices come equipped with the most advanced and high-quality sound speakers that could make you enjoy any music to its fullest. The crystal-clear sound is able to reach the corners of the space which makes your music experience to go to another level.


However, many times, several users have complained of facing some speaker problems. When the iOS device’s speakers stop working, several of the exciting features to get affected. For instance, the music won’t play, you would not be able to make calls with the use of the speakerphone, and also you would not hear the characteristic “ding” when you would receive a message. Some of the probable reasons that could make the speaker of your iPhone or iOS device non-functional could be:

  • Software: If the software of the device becomes malfunctioning, then there are chances that your iOS device is not able to send proper signals to the speakers. However, most of the software issues with the iOS devices can be easily fixed by the users themselves.
  • Hardware: The speakers of the iOS devices are highly prone to the physical damages. The sound waves created by the speakers can make the thin materials vibrate. If the material gets damaged, then you might encounter some static noises or the speakers would stop functioning at all.



If you are facing any of the issues with the loud speakers of the iOS devices, then here are some potential solutions for the same:

  • You must, first of all, ensure that your device is not on silent mode. You could have left it on silent and then forgot about the same. Before panicking about anything wrong, check out the volume buttons and the silent mode to toggle it off.
  • By constant holding the phone, you might accidentally turn the volume to the lowest level that would result in your device making no sound. Therefore, you must unlock your phone and then toggle the volume button to the maximum level to enjoy the joys of excellent speakers offered by the Apple devices.

  • You must also ensure that your device is not stuck on the headphone mode. When the headphone are connected to your device, all the sounds play through the headphones and not the speakers. There could be instances when your device thinks that it still has the headphones on even when they aren’t. This might happen when a small particle of dirt or debris gets stuck into the headphone jack and tricks the device into thinking that the headphones are plugged in. if you observe the Headphones under the volume slider when you would turn the volume up or down, then try fixing the debris issue.
  • iOS devices have the capability to automatically connect and play music through the Bluetooth devices, Apple TV and several other compatible devices. Some users do not realize the fact that their device might be playing the sound from some other device. To ensure that your device not playing the sound from somewhere else, you would need to turn off the Bluetooth icon. You must also disconnect the device from the AirPlay devices like the Apple TV and then try playing the sound again. If the speaker of your device starts working again, then you have resolved the issue.

  • Another solution would be to restart the iOS device. You can press down the Home button along with the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen. This would start the restart process immediately and the speakers could start on their normal self again.
  • If all of the solutions have not worked properly, then you can restore your device’s settings by doing the factory reset operation. You can go to Settings > General > Reset. From here, you can select the factory reset option. This would delete all the information on your device. Therefore, you should not forget to create the backup of all the important information stored in your device. This shall resort the loud speakers of your iOS device.
  • If any of the solutions have not worked out for you, then you can send the iOS device to the authorized Apple center for getting the loud speakers repaired.