MacBook 13 Inch Vs. MacBook 15 Inch – Display, Hardware And Price Comparison

If you’ve decided to buy a new MacBook then you’re only a step of the journey into actually getting one. The

If you’ve decided to buy a new MacBook then you’re only a step of the journey into actually getting one. The next step requires you to choose between two different MacBook variants. One has a 13 inch display and the other has a 15 inch display. Are there other differences between them though? Is there any reason to get the 15 inch model if you’re not interested in a bigger screen? Check out the article below to find out everything that’s different and worth taking into account before making a definitive decision towards your purchase.


While the Retina Display technology is almost legendary among the Apple community, it’s starting to fall behind the likes of desktop computers. If you’d prefer sticking to a laptop however they are still your best bet for crisp resolutions and clarity.

When it comes to the two individual models, you get different resolutions obviously, so based on wht model you choose, you can expect one of the following:

MacBook 13 inch: 2560 x 1600, 227 ppi

MacBook 15 inch: 2880 x 1800, 220 ppi

As you can see, the smaller screen actually has a tad bit bigger pixel density, which is also something to consider although the difference isn’t astronomical.

Internal hardware

The internal specifications are also very different when you compare these two models. For starters, they have different processor units which make the comparison a bit spicier. Processing power holds a large amount of importance in how the overall device presents itself. That being said, let’s see what the two offer:

  • MacBook 13 inch: dual core 3.1 GHz processing unit, integrated graphics processor, 8/16 GB RAM
  • MacBook 15 inch: quad core 2.9 GHz processing unit, dedicated processor, 16 GB RAM

Not only does the 15 inch model manage to come on top with a superior infrastructure, but it also features a dedicated graphics chip which makes a world of difference when you are handling graphic intense processes like 3D rendering. As for the RAM power, the 15 inch model kind of slows down the power engines and lets the 13 inch model catch up. It might not look like that but the 13 inch version can be upgraded to 16 GB. The 15 inch version is already capped at 16 GB and can’t go higher.


The price is without doubt a defining element for most consumers, and a very steep price tag difference will make a version more appealing than the other in a lot of cases. That being said, let’s see how the two fare in terms of pricing:

  • MacBook 13 inch entry point: $1300
  • MacBook 15 inch entry point: $3100

As you can see, the price difference is pretty huge. If you’re going for the more expensive device, you should really consider if the upgrades are enough and worth the coin. If you can afford both of them for instance, there’s really no point to be concerned about which is the best. But since that’s almost never the case, you should mold your buying strategy based on your needs and what each version offers.