How To Meditate: Tips For Beginners

We live in such a busy world, our days are overloaded with tons of tasks and we keep running from one thing

We live in such a busy world, our days are overloaded with tons of tasks and we keep running from one thing to another. At the end of the day, we feel exhausted and stressed. By practicing meditation daily, we can completely change our lives. Meditation is known as one of the most powerful ways, or let’s say tools, to relax, calm our minds and quite the thoughts. With meditation, we train our minds so that we can find the inner peace we need in all that everyday busyness. Here, we are going share the guide on how to meditate.

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Meditation for beginners: How to meditate

There are many meditation techniques out there, but a simple breathing meditation is probably the best one for beginners. You will focus on your breathing. Note that once you start meditating, you will see how wild your mind actually is. Don’t think you are doing something wrong you will just need some time and practice. The thoughts will come, and once they do you will put your focus right back on your breathing. Without further ado, let’s see some tips on how to meditate.

“The gift of learning to meditate is the greatest gift you can give yourself in this lifetime.” – Sogyal Rinpoche


Wear something comfortable

It is really important to feel comfortable when you are meditating, so make sure you are not wearing something too tight. The goal is to focus on your breathing and calm your mind. You will hardly do that if the clothes you are wearing isn’t comfortable. Also, take off your footwear.


Choose calm and quiet environment

It is essential to choose calm and peaceful environment. External distractions can have a huge impact on our concentration. If you are meditating in your house, put your phone in silent mode and turn off your TV. If your phone rings or your TV or some other appliance is on (washing machine, dishwasher, etc.), your concentration will break. Of course, you can’t stop all the noises. You may hear nature sounds, the birds singing, cars passing by, kids playing, but you will put the focus back on breathing. If you love to spend time outdoors, you can meditate in your backyard, in the park, or on the beach where the sound of waves can be calming. Whatever suits you best.


Sit in a comfortable position and relax

When it comes to meditation, feeling comfortable is the key. We already mentioned that you should wear comfortable clothes and the next thing is to sit in a comfortable position.You may sit on the floor with your legs crossed, on a cushion, or you may sit on a chair. Make sure to keep your back straight. If that’s not the case, you may easily become sleepy. You may rest your palms in your lap. Relax your whole body. You can close your eyes partially, but if you find that to be too distracting for you, close them completely. Try both options and after a while, you will figure out what suits you best for your meditation routine.


Focus on breathing

Now when you are sitting in a comfortable position and when your body is relaxed, it is the time to focus on your breathing. In other words, pay attention on how you breathe in and out. Breath naturally. Breathe in, breathe out. At this point, you will notice the thoughts and you will see how busy and wild your mind is. What dish to make for dinner, what groceries to buy, when you need to meet with friends, and so on. As I’ve mentioned before, once the thoughts come, focus on your breathing again. Breathe in, breathe out – you can repeat this or you can count your breaths if you like. The thoughts will keep coming, and every time they do, put the focus back on breathing.

“Let every thought come and hug you, but you don’t hug anything. Then, gradually, the noise will start to back off.” – Mooji

how to meditate


Meditation length

The first question beginners have is how to meditate, and the next one is about the length of meditation. Speaking from my personal experience, I suggest you start with a meditation that will last 5 or 10 minutes. Don’t force yourself. Again, the point is to feel comfortable. If you have been meditating for 10 minutes, and you want to sit longer and continue practicing, then do so. You will enjoy it. After a while, extend the length of your meditation. Practice meditation daily and when you feel like it, you can even practice two or three times a day.


Wrapping it up

By practicing meditation daily, your focus will improve, you won’t feel stressed out, and your mind will be calm. You will live in the present. You will reach a higher level of awareness and you will learn so much about yourself. Most importantly, you will find the inner peace and you will live more meaningful, fulfilling and happy life.

“Happy he stands, happy he sits, happy he sleeps, and happy he comes and goes. Happy he speaks and happy he eats. This is the life of a man at peace.” – Ashtavakra Gita