Microsoft HoloLens Vs PlayStation VR: Which One Should You Get?

Virtual reality used to be the future of technology, but now it’s the present. This new technology gives people

Virtual reality used to be the future of technology, but now it’s the present. This new technology gives people the chance to fully immerse themselves in video games and other programs and become a part of a virtual universe — not just a bystander.

So, the question now is not “Is virtual reality relevant to the future?” but rather “Which virtual reality headset is the right choice for me?” There are several options nowadays in terms of VR headsets, and two of the best options are the Microsoft HoloLens and PlayStation VR. If you’ve narrowed down your list to these two devices, you can use our guide to know which is the best choice for you.


The Microsoft HoloLens and PlayStation VR are similar in that they take gaming and other computing functions to the next level, but they’re different in terms of the approach they take. the PlayStation VR is fully based on virtual reality, which means it creates the gaming environment and allows you to immerse in it. If you’re playing a shooter game, for instance, it will look and feel as if you’re really inside the game, interacting with photorealistic characters and seeing photorealistic scenes around you.

The Microsoft HoloLens, on the other hand, is based in augmented reality, or what Microsoft likes to call “mixed reality” — that is, it mixes the physical world with the virtual one to create a blended environment. It does this by using holograms to add another layer to your vision so, instead of seeing just your living room (for example), you might also see cartoon animals stampeding in front of your TV or your favorite video game character sitting on your couch. If you’ve played Pokemon GO, you’re already familiar with how augmented reality works.


The PlayStation VR makes it clear that it concentrates on gaming. The official web page for the VR reads “Games Come First” and “With gamers in mind, PlayStation delivers a new world of unexpected gaming experiences through the PlayStation VR”. It’s specially designed to give gamers a more immersive experience by adding a whole new dimension to video games.

The Microsoft HoloLens, meanwhile, is geared toward creators, artists, and inventors as well as entrepreneurs and their staff — and virtually anyone else who can benefit from working in 3D. It makes it easier for people to create, edit, reconstruct, and preview 3D designs, share their designs with coworkers and clients, and collaborate with each other on projects in a quick and effortless way.


The two headsets have different designs that reflect how each of them works. The PlayStation VR comes with an OLED headset that keeps visual distractions away and helps you focus on the game — plus powerful stereo headphones that are designed to complete your gaming experience with clear, high-impact sound effects.

In contrast, the Microsoft HoloLens comes with a translucent visor that adds a layer of the hologram on your vision while ensuring you can still easily see the world around you. It also comes with built-in speakers (instead of headphones) so you can still clearly hear what’s going on around you.

It’s important to note that the two units have different hardware requirements. The PlayStation VR needs to be connected to a PlayStation 4, while the Microsoft HoloLens can function on its own.

Which Should You Choose?

It all boils down to one question: what are you planning to do with your VR headset? PlayStation VR is your best bet if you’re primarily into gaming, while the Microsoft HoloLens is a good choice if you want to incorporate augmented reality into your work process.