Microsoft Teams Was Inaccessible For Several Users For Two Hours

Earlier today, Microsoft Teams was down with some issues and remained inaccessible to many users for two hours

Earlier today, Microsoft Teams was down with some issues and remained inaccessible to many users for two hours at a stretch. This, naturally, resulted in a massive outrage fueled by the frustration that these users faced. The communication platform started facing a technical issue at around 6:30 am. As soon as this issue cropped up, many users based in different parts of Europe and Asia found it impossible to use Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft has now stated that they have been able to identify what caused this issue and have taken some steps to ensure that this doesn’t happen again in the future. The company further stated that they have taken this issue very seriously and will continue to take steps to monitor the service.

What Really Happened?

The connectivity issues which cropped up all of a sudden caused a lot of trouble to users across the globe. For those two hours, they were not able to use the platform and that must have resulted in the loss of business for many. Many of the users immediately put out a report to inform the company about this issue. They categorically stated that they were greeted with 401 codes when they tried to access Microsoft Teams using the internet.

There were some users who said that while they could see Teams and channels, they were not able to send messages. Microsoft has put out a warning which states that users “may experience degraded performance with multiple features”. They have been quite honest in their approach while dealing with this issue and have made it clear that this is an issue that could affect anybody using Microsoft Team.

This Was Not The First Time

There is a very strong reason why many users were hugely disappointed by this outage and felt that Microsoft is not doing enough to make its services bug-proof. This is the second time this month that Microsoft Teams has suffered from a breakdown. Around the beginning of this month, it faced a similar issue and was down for two hours.

Last month, Microsoft encountered some Teams related issues for more than four hours. This was caused by an authentication change that blocked users from accessing the communication platform. Because of this breakdown, some of the other Microsoft-based apps like Office web apps, SharePoint Online and Exchange Online also faced certain issues. This morning, however, Microsoft Teams was the only one that faced a technical snag.