Microsoft’s Nuance Acquisition Could Make Cortana Smarter

Microsoft Buys Nuance for $20 Billion which is much higher than its market value. Nuance is a company that sells

Microsoft Buys Nuance for $20 Billion which is much higher than its market value. Nuance is a company that sells its famed text-to-speech Dragon tool. The company’s revenue levels are declining rapidly. Then what drove Microsoft to buy a company that is slowly losing business? It is probably the failure of its existing text-to-speech tool, Cortana that works only on Windows. It’s been a long time since Microsoft has been talking about improving the experience of Cortana on operating systems other than Windows.

Is Nuance the mode of re-entry of Microsoft in a world dominated by Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant?

Nuance’s text-to-speech tool works differently as compared to other such tools in the market. It has a unique sentence structuring formula for providing personalized assistance to the users. While some assistance tools can become a bit too pushy, giving answers even before letting you insert the entire question, text-to-speech tools must be programmed to draw conclusions that align with the context of the people’s life. It is because too many interjections by assistance tools can annoy the users. This results in the user completely shutting the assistance OFF.

How Can Nuance Help?

Nuance is extremely effective in decoding the medical speech into useful information to get the most out of the teaching lessons. In addition to this, Nuance offers some of the most useful contextual services in the medical field such as decoding the prescriptions given on the charts. It can also transcribe the ongoing events to pick up on the issues that might otherwise be missed by the people in the meeting. Nuance not only transcribes the sentences word to word but also supports meaningful conversations among the businesses.

Contextual services offered by most companies these days lack context. To achieve this, conversation analysis is an important step to be taken by the corporates to bridge the communication gap between workers and supervisors. This may lead to the personal assistant of the users becoming a participating member in conversations and discussions. However, this digital member is a listener, analyst, and the one that unveils the truth.

If the digital assistance companies can improve their tools in line with the requirements of the users, it will be a major boost to the network and information technology industries. In addition to this, the digital assistance tools should be able to gather the interested data of the users to provide them with relevant recommendations. With a company like Nuance, Microsoft is probably planning to target all these existing issues with the assistance tools. The company is likely to come up with a solution that is contextual rather than pushy.