How To Mute Websites In Chrome

None of us is quite fond of the websites that have audio running in the background especially when you are working.

None of us is quite fond of the websites that have audio running in the background especially when you are working. Google has a solution for this and without looking for the audio on the page the users can mute it.

All you need to do is right click on the tab on which the audio is running and select Mute Tab. Another way of doing this is by enabling the Tab Audio Muting UI Control you can click on the speaker shaped icon and mute the tab. You have to enter chrome://flags in the address bar to locate this setting as it is in the experimental features of Chrome.

How to Mute Websites in Chrome

However, the above ways are temporary and the audio will play whenever you open the website or any other website that supports audio. Google has a solution for this too! The feature hasn’t yet been made available in Chrome but it is possible from Chrome Canary which is meant for developers and users who wish to test features before they can be launched.

In order to mute websites in Chrome, you first need to install Chrome Canary. The prompts will guide you through the installation process. Once the procedure is complete login to your Google account, finish the setup process of Chrome and then close Chrome Canary.

To enable the mute feature for all the websites Chrome Canary needs to be accessed or opened through Command Prompt while implementing a command line switch. Follow the step-by-step procedure to mute websites in Chrome Canary.

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How to Mute Websites in Chrome

  • Press Windows key, type cmd and press Enter to open Command Prompt
  • Now change directory to where Chrome Canary executable file is located in Command Prompt. Next, type cd and the path as below:
  • C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome SxS\Application
  • Now press Enter
  • You need to type chrome.exe, press the space button and then paste or type the switch code :–enable-features=SoundContentSetting.
  • Pressing Enter will open Chrome Canary.

How to Mute Websites in Chrome

Instead of following the above steps you can also make a desktop shortcut for the Chrome Canary that is paired with the command line switch. Now, on the shortcut, you need to right click and then click on Properties. You will see the path to chrome.exe in quotations in the Target field. Press space after the final quotation mark and paste or type switch code. Now click Apply and then press OK.

If you open Chrome Canary from the desktop shortcut or the command line switch, you can easily mute all the websites.

  • Towards the left side of the address bar click on information button and in the menu click on the drop-down and go to Sound. Finally, select Always Block on This Site. Remember, the information button will at times look like a padlock icon indicating a secure connection.

You may need the audio in future and for those times you may have the need to disable this feature. Just go to the site settings menu and select Use Global Default or Always Allow on this Site.

Now that you know how to mute websites in Chrome you can enjoy working or browsing the websites without them being unnecessarily noisy.

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