OnePlus 5 Usual Problems And Their Fixes

The OnePlus 5 launched recently and it was warmly received by the public. In fact, this has been one of the

The OnePlus 5 launched recently and it was warmly received by the public. In fact, this has been one of the most intensely anticipated smartphone releases of the current year. And all for good reason, because it’s an incredible device with exquisite hardware and amazing specs. But, as all devices, it also has its issues. Today we will discuss the most often encountered three problems with the OnePlus 5 and propose a few solutions for each of them.

Problem #1: Odd screen stretch when scrolling

When scrolling on the OnePlus 5, something weird happens. The screen will look like its stretching and first you think that your eyes are playing tricks on you. But it keeps happening, and there are many user reports to back up that this is a well-spread issue, so it’s not just you. This is also known as the jelly effect and it’s something that seems to happen on the OnePlus 5 only.

The phone’s manufacturers have discussed this issue and stated that it’s a natural occurrence, and that the screen technology used in the OnePlus 5 is no different. Some people believe that this happens because the phone is upside down.


The only solution to this problem would be for OnePlus to release an update or a patch of sorts to fix this. But seeing their statement, this doesn’t seem likely, so we’ll just have to live with the jelly effect for the time being.

Problem #2: Device isn’t recognized by PC

This is a problem that many Android smartphones faced at least once. Many OnePlus 5 users reported that their PC doesn’t recognize the phone when it’s plugged into it via USB, and this impedes them from storing their photos or other media on their computers, as well as perform any tasks that involve connecting the OnePlus 5 to a laptop or PC.

There is a reported bug in Oxygen 4.5.5 that causes this issue, but still this is something that tends to happen even after the bug was fixed. So what can you do if this happens to you? It’s not that hard, and it works for most phones.


The first and easiest solution would be to turn off the USB debugging function from your phone’s settings. In order to do so, you need to tap the build number in Settings seven times until you’re recognized as a developer, then you can access Developer Options and find the USB debugging feature.

Problem #3: Random shutdowns

Again, this happens to more phones than you think, not only to the OnePlus 5. But there have been a lot of reports lately of OnePlus 5 handsets randomly shutting down in the middle of activity, so the phone most likely has an issue with getting overworked, or there’s a bug causing it.  Some shutdowns also occurred while the phone was idle, which is more than suspicious, and this entire issue wasn’t caused by the update to Oxygen OS 4.5.5. So here are some way to fix this.


The shutdowns could be caused by a faulty app. Either update that app to its latest version or uninstall it altogether. You can also try booting your into Safe Mode, and if the problem goes away then, it also means that a faulty app was the one to blame. As a last resort, perform a hard factory reset on your phone. This brings your phone to its initial state, so the issue should also disappear. But this is an extreme solution, so only try it if all else fails.