Opera Tips And Tricks

Opera is one of the most used browsers in the world. This browser offers some unique features, like turbo mode

Opera is one of the most used browsers in the world. This browser offers some unique features, like turbo mode and synchronization. If you are using this browser, some of these tips and tricks might help you to maximize the Opera experience.



How To Reset Opera Browser

The other popular browsers have the reset option, but not the Opera. If we want to reset it, we have to do it manually.

  • Click the Opera menu button > find and click “About Opera”, and the new window will appear
  • In the new window, find “Path” sections and remember the locations of “Cache” and “Profile”.
  • Close Opera browser >> navigae to System Disk ( usually located on the C drive) >> Users >> ApData >> Local >> Opera Software >> delete the folder ,,Opera Stable.
  • Delete the second folder by going to Users >> AppData >> Roaming >> Opera Software >> delete the folder ,,Opera Stable.


How To Update Opera Browser

Updating is an important thing for a software, a device, etc because it brings the improvements, fixes and so on.

  • Click the Opera Menu button >> find “About Opera”. Here you will see the information about the current Opera version.
  • If the you see the new version is available, just refresh the page and it will download and install the new version automatically.
  • Click “Relaunch Now” when the installation is done.


How To Install Opera Browser

It you are still thinking “Should I use Opera?”, well, install it and try it out.

  • Go to the official website and click Download
  • Click “Run”.
  • Click “Accept and Install”.
  • If the installation process succeeds, Windows will lead you right to the System Settings >> Default apps. Click on Microsoft Edge and choose Opera Internet as your default browser.


How To Enable Javascript In Opera Browser

Sometimes, to open certain website we need a Javascript. If this feature is disabled in your browser, just follow a few simple steps to enable it.

Launch Opera and open any web page >> click Menu button >> choose Settings >> in the new window, check under the “Javascript” section, the option “Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)” is selected. If it does not, it means that the function is disabled so make sure to select it.


How To Display Saved Passwords In Opera

It is useful to save the password of your accounts in the browser because you don’t have to type it again in the future, but what if you didn’t enter the password for some period of time and you forgot it? Follow the steps below:

Click the Opera menu button > Settings > Privacy & Security > Password > Manage saved password and the new window will open. Here, you will be able to see all the logins and passwords in the form of the asterisk. To display numbers and letters, click “Show” after you select the field.


How To Synchronize Data In Opera Browser

One of many advantages of this feature is that you can find the same bookmarks wherever you open the same browser. For example, you are using the Opera on your office computer and you will find the same bookmarks when you open the Opera on your laptop at home.

Click the Opera menu > find “Synchronization” and it will require an account > enter your e-mail address and password > click “Create account” > click “Synchronize” button.


How To Completely Remove Opera Browser

If you are disappointed or don’t like Opera anymore and want to use another browser, you can remove it completely from your computer by following these steps.

  • Go to the Control Panel > find “Program and Features” > right-click and find “Opera Stable” > click “Uninstall” > mark the “Delete my Opera user data” > click “Uninstall”.
  • Find the folder “Opera” in C:\Program Files\ and delete it.
  • Enable the option “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” in File Explorer. Click on Start > File Explorer > click “View” > click “Options” and the new window will open.
  • In the window, click “View” tab > enable the option “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” > click on “Apply” > “OK”.
  • Then navigate to the first hidden folder – C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software and remove it.
  • Navigate to the second folder C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Opera Software and remove it.


How To Disable Images In Opera Browser

If you want to disable images in Opera to save the bandwidth, the steps are very easy and simple.

Click the Opera menu button > click “Settings” > click “Website” > find “Images” section > choose “Do not show any images”.


How To Enable Turbo Mode In Opera

If you don’t have fast Internet connection, the Turbo mode will help you to open web pages more quickly. All you need is:

Go to the Opera settings Menu > click on “Opera Turbo“, to activate it. Follow the same steps to disable it.


How To Remove Ads In Opera Browser

Too many Ads on your browser is not fun at all. It can be so disturbing. If you are an Opera user and want to remove the ads on it, try these steps.

Open Opera and click on the menu button >> Settings > “Get Extensions” >> the “Opera Add-ons” page will open >> type “AdBlock” in the search box >> click on the extension “AdBlock” >> click “Add to Opera >> when the process is completed, you will see “Installing AdBlock…done” screen.


How To Add Bookmarks In Opera Browser

Here is how to add bookmarks in Opera:

Open the website >> press the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + D”. Choose the folder you want.


You can also click on the heart icon when you are on one of your favorite websites, and again, choose the folder you want.

How To Install Google Chrome Extensions In Opera Browser

This is a method to install Google Chrome Extensions in Opera. These steps are so easy and simple.

  • Click the Opera menu button > find “Get extensions” > open the store extensions and enter “Download Chrome Extension”.
  • Open the extension and click on “Add to Opera”.
  • Once the installation process is done, Opera browser will be ready to install the Google Chore extensions.


How To Customize Speed Dial Columns In Opera Browser

Speed Dial is an interesting feature in Opera Browser. Here is how to customize the speed dial:

Go to Opera menu button > find “Settings” > click “Browser” > In the new window, find “Start page” section > find “Maximum number of columns” and add any number of columns that you want > close the “Settings” > click on “+” to open the new tab.


How To Translate A Web Page In Opera Browser

Opera browser allows you to translate a web page. If you don’t know to do that, we are going to show you the steps.

Click on Menu button >> Settings >> click on get Extentions >> on the next page, type “Google Translate” in the search field >> click on the extention >> click on Add To Opera.

To translate the entire page you need to right-click on the page using a mouse and select Google Translate. Then click translate this page to any language you want.


How To Open Private Window In Opera Browser

If you are using someone’s computer with Opera browser, or if you are using your own computer but don’t want the history to be saved, you can use private window.

Click the Opera menu button > select “New private window”.


How To Auto -Refresh Page In Opera Browser

Opera has the other interesting feature, called the Auto-refresh page that allows the browser to automatically refresh the pages, which can save your time.

  • Click on the Opera menu button > click “Get extensions” > in the search field, enter the text“Page autoreload” > select the first result from the left > click “Add to Opera”.
  • After the installation is done, navigate to Menu > Extensions > Extension Manager > open “options of “Page autoreload” add-on > here, set the update intervals > click “Save”.
  • Go to the website > right-click the page > find the “Reload every” option.


How To Change Download Folder In Opera Browser

In Opera, you can easily change the download folder. Here is how:

Click on Menu button >> Settings >> Basic Settings >> find Downloads section >> choose Download location and click on the “Change” button. Find the right folder that will be your default folder where all the files you download will be stored. Click “Ok”.


How To Change Homepage In Opera Web Browser

To change the Homepage in the Opera browser, do the following:

  • Click the Opera menu button > select “Settings” > “Basic Settings”, and you will be given three options: Open the start page, Continue where I left off, and Open a specific page or a set of pages.
  • Choose the option you want.


How To Download Video From YouTube In Opera Browser

YouTube is one of the sites where you can watch all kinds of videos. Sometimes, you find an interesting video and you want to download it. If you are using Opera browser on your computer, here are the steps to download a video from YouTube.

  • Click the Opera menu button > open “Get extensions”.
  • Type “YouTube downloader” in the search box
  • Click the “Search” button.
  • Select the add-on with a green circular arrow on the icon
  • Next, click on “Add to Opera”
  • The installation process will start
  • After the process is done, you can download any video from YouTube.
  • When you open one of the videos on YouTube in Opera, you will see “Download” located under the name of the video you are watching.
  • Click on Download
  • Choose the video quality and video file format.
  • The video will start to download.


How To Export Bookmarks From Opera Web Browser

If you are going to switch from Opera to another browser, you might need to export bookmarks.

  • Enter this address „https://addons.opera.com/en/“ into the address bar.
  • Type “Bookmarks Import & Export“ in the search box
  • Click on the extension
  • Click on “Add to Opera“.
  • After the extension is installed, you will see a new icon in the top-right corner of the browser
  • Click on it and  you will see the screen with available import and export buttons.
  • Press “Export” button and you will see a „Bookmarks.html“ file in Opera “Downloads” folder
  • You can import that file into any browser.