Samsung QLED Vs Sony XBR: Which Is The Best TV For You?

If you’re planning to buy a new TV, you’re probably looking into the Samsung QLED line and the Sony XBR series.

If you’re planning to buy a new TV, you’re probably looking into the Samsung QLED line and the Sony XBR series. Both of these are great choices since they offer the latest in television technology and provide some of the best viewing experiences of today. But, if you’re buying just one TV, you’ll need to choose between these two options, so it’s important to know which one best suits your needs.

When comparing the two series, it’s important to choose models that are similar to each other to ensure you’ll get a fair and relevant comparison. Consumer Reports, for example, decided to compare the Samsung QN65Q7F and the Sony XBR-65X930E, both of which are flat-screen models and are considered to be entry-level compared to their pricier siblings.

Image Quality

As mentioned above, both the Samsung QLED and Sony XBR TVs offer the best image quality. But, if you take a closer look, you’ll see that they vary in performance in terms of different aspects. Several experts agree that the Samsung QLED series produces deeper color saturation, while Sony XBR devices offer excellent local dimming (which means they produce better black levels) as well as better brightness and contrast, particularly when viewing HDR content.

Sound Quality

Both Samsung and Sony are geniuses when it comes to audio — we can see the evidence in their smartphones and other products. But, while Sony has more experience with sound (think of the company’s Walkman and noise-canceling headphones), Samsung comes out on top with its QLED TVs. Reviewers agree that Samsung QLED televisions produce excellent audio that makes watching movies and TV shows a more memorable experience.

Viewing Angles

Perfect viewing angles are some of Samsung’s selling points for the QLED TVs. With its “Q|Every View” technology, the company states that its QLED televisions will provide excellent viewing angles to anyone regardless of where they sit. However, reviewers point out that there’s not much difference between the Samsung QLED and the Sony XBR and that both options offer decent (but not that impressive) viewing angles. This means that, if you buy a TV from either series, you’ll still want to park yourself in front of it when having movie marathons with your friends.


If you compare entry-level models from the Samsung QLED and Sony XBR series, cost won’t be a deciding factor since they have similar price tags. The Sony XBR-65X930E, for example, retails for around $3,300, while the Samsung QN65Q7F is just a couple of hundred dollars pricier. Of course, comparing them with more expensive models is a different issue, since other Samsung and Sony TVs have a price tag of around $5,000 to $6,000 and even more.

Other Alternatives

Both the Samsung QLED and Sony XBR series are a great option, and you’ll definitely be happy with any TV you buy from this line of products. If you want to explore other options, though, take a look at the OLED TVs offered by LG. The company’s 2016 series is a favorite of many TV enthusiasts, while the 2017 version has just been released.