How To Test Your Internet Speed

The speed at which data travels from the www or World Wide Web to your computer, tab or mobile phone is what

The speed at which data travels from the www or World Wide Web to your computer, tab or mobile phone is what is known as internet speed. The speed of the internet is measured in Mbps or Megabits per second. One megabit equals to 1,024 Kbps or kilobits per second. There are two more terms which are used commonly – download speed and upload speed. The download speed is the rate at which the digital data is transmitted from the Internet to the computer while the upload speed is measured by the rate at which the online data is transmitted from computer to the internet. Here is how you can test your internet speed.

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Checking Internet Speed

There are a couple of web services that offer a free analysis of internet speed. All that is needed is the computer for which you need to test the internet and a browser.

how to test your internet speed

  • Close all applications or documents running and then open the browser of your choice.
  • On the Google search page type internet speed test or simply type on the browser.
  • On the results page along with other results, you will get also. Click on this link. If you have already written the name of the website you will be directed to the site.
  • On the screen you will find ‘Begin Test’ written, you need to click on it.
  • The software begins its job. It will calculate both the download and upload speed and reveal the results in just 10 seconds.

Check Network Speed on Computer

  • Go to the Start Menu
  • Search or right click for Network
  • Now click on View Status to check the Internet Speed

Check Network Speed on Mac

  • Click Command and F on the Mac
  • Now type Activity Monitor in the search field

how to test your internet speed

  • Double click on the Activity Monitor Application and click on the network tab to check the speed at which you are connected to the network

Now that you are aware on how to test your internet speed ensure that it is checked intermittently and if you notice that the speed has slowed down or doesn’t show apt speeds during certain times of the day then your internet service provider should be contacted.

Ideal Download Speeds

1 to 4 Mbps

This speed is the lowest level of service which is available in most areas. Most websites, music streaming services will work without any interruption however while seeing videos there may be slight buffering problems.

4 to 6Mbps

Internet TV streaming will run perfectly with this speed.

6  to 10 Mbps

For the video on demand services and online games, this is the ideal speed required.

10  to 15 Mbps

High definition videos, cloud services, and web based applications run extremely well on this speed.

15 to 50 Mbps

For several devices to work without any delays this is the speed that is needed.

More than 50 Mbps

When many high bandwidth devices run at the same time a speed of more than 50 Mbps is required.

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