Top 10 Reasons To Visit Jamaica

In 1494, when Christopher Columbus discovered Jamaica he referred to the island as the land of wood and water.

In 1494, when Christopher Columbus discovered Jamaica he referred to the island as the land of wood and water. The natural resources attract tourists from all over the world. Some people visit Jamaica because of the music and culture. This article will show you why you should visit beautiful Jamaica.

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Reason why you should visit Jamaica

Sandy beaches

Jamaica is completely surrounded by the Caribbean sea. There are beautiful beaches on the north coast that attract tourist from all over the world. Some of these beaches include Reggae beach, Nine Miles, James bond, Doctor Cave and Fort Clarence.


Warm weather

The weather is warm all year round. Some places are windy and cool, especially in Mandeville. You can get your tan by basking under the golden sun while sipping ice cold coconut water. If you are looking for a warm country to spend the winter season then you should consider Jamaica.


World class hospitality

Royal treatment is issued to tourists when they visit. Most hotels make sure that the visitors enjoy their stay. They will go beyond their duties to ensure that the guests are happy and comfortable.



If you are a fan of reggae music then Jamaica should be on your bucket list. You can visit the Bob Marley museum and learn more about a well-loved reggae icon. Reggae sum fest is held every year during summer. You can attend this concert and rock to slow pace reggae music. If you are a fan of dancehall music then you can enjoy this music in clubs and social gathering.


Home of great athletes

Jamaica is the home of the fastest man since 2008. Usain Bolt is a very humble athlete who has won 8 Olympic gold medals. There are other great athletes such Yohan Blake, Asafa Powell, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Elaine Thomas.


Famous attractions

If you visit Jamaica you should visit some of the famous attraction that everyone enjoys. Dunn’s Rivers falls is a very popular tourist attraction. The Martha Brae Rafting Village is another place you can visit.You can go rafting with your significant other.

Visit Jamaica


Delicious cuisine

The food is spicy and delicious. You can enjoy Jerk chicken, Jamaican Patty, Rice and Peas, and Curry goat. Make sure to try the national dish Ackee and Salt fish. There are many restaurants that will provide the country’s favorite dishes. Ask about these foods when you visit a Jamaican restaurant.


Hear fascinating language of the locals

Jamaica is known for their native language called “Patwa” Don’t worry the official language is English but the majority of the population speak “Patwa”. You can consider Jamaica a bilingual country.


Make new friends

You will make new friends because the locals are friendly and warm. They may teach you the Jamaican language and popular dance moves. They will make you laugh and make your visit enjoyable and fun.


Blue Mountain Coffee

If you are a coffee lover then you can taste the Blue Mountain coffee. The Blue Mountain coffee is highly demanded because the taste is unique. If you like to hike you can also go hiking on Blue Mountain.


Wrapping up

There are many things you can do on your visit to Jamaica. Jamaica is a beautiful island and favourite wedding destination. Hope you will enjoy your time in paradise.