Top 10 Best Amazon Echo Features

Amazon Echo is one of the best tech gadgets that helps us in accomplishing various tasks in no time with its

Amazon Echo is one of the best tech gadgets that helps us in accomplishing various tasks in no time with its amazing quick responding feature. It works with its assistant Alexa in comprising numerous voice commands. A big credit for this goes to its excellent audio system. With all these things, Amazon is even trying more to amuse the users by adding many more new features to the Echo device. Here, we are listing the best Amazon Echo features through which you can get the best out of it.

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Amazon Echo features

10 Best Amazon Echo Features

Spotify Premium

This device is integrated with Spotify app, the major music streaming platform so that users can listen to their favourite songs anytime just by saying it to Alexa. But for that, you should be a member of Spotify premium. Even though it might be a bit costly for many it is the great thing and it comes with 30 days free trial, so why not enjoy? What you need to do is just ask Alexa to play Spotify and it will start playing the last song you were listening to. Also, you can ask it to play any other songs from new artists or albums and Amazon Echo will do that for you.


Radio and free music streaming

If you are not willing to pay for Spotify premium, then there are various other options that will help you enjoy free songs and music.  Pandora, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio are some of the free music stations for listening to free music through Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo features


Set timers and alarms

One of the best Amazon Echo features is it can help you in the kitchen by setting a timer while also help you waking up in the morning by setting an alarm. So, no need of searching for your phone or clock to set an alarm rather just ask Alexa and everything will be done. For example, you need to bake something for 10 minutes, so ask Alexa and then upon completing of 10 minutes a sound will start ringing which will keep playing till you say: Alexa, stop.

Similarly, you can set repeating alarm also depending on your needs.


Some of the best Echo skills in Alexa app

Do you need an Uber ride or want to order Domino’s Pizza? Just activate those in the Alexa app and you are good to go. This is one of the new Amazon Echo features which will save a lot of your times as this gadget is hands-free and you can order for pizza or request an Uber ride simply by asking Alexa assistant. The best thing is the Echo will even let you know in case there is any surge pricing applicable for the Uber ride and how far the car is from your home.

Amazon Echo features


Alexa can read the kindle books and audio books

Want someone to read the books for you while enjoy lying down on the bed? Well, Amazon Echo is there to help you in this case. It can read out the audio books from Audible while reading the Kindle book is a new addition. So, now you can listen to your favorite kindle books from Amazon Echo. Some features like chapter selection, volume control etc are really amazing to enjoy the reading.


Sports updates

Not ready to wait for the news update to know about the sports scores and updates? Make use of the Amazon Echo new features to listen to the sports updates. It will let you know promptly about the win, lose situation, who plays against whom, about the next match and when it will start. You will be able to know all these by asking Alexa.


Quick news update

With the evolution of Amazon Echo, the need of switching on the TV in the morning to have some local or national news update along with having information regarding the traffic is eliminated rather everything can be done now by Amazon Echo. Just enable some of your favorite news channels from Alexa app and stay tuned to listen to the news every morning. In case you are interested in activating some metropolitan stations then NBC 5 Chicago, NBC 4 New York, NBC4 Southern California is always present there.


Weather updates

Ask Alexa about the weather updates and it will let you know about the weather condition of your location. Also, it can forecast the weather for next 7 days. All you need to do for that is just set up your location in the Alexa app and that’s everything. So, no need of opening the weather app in your mobile or else switching the TV. Just make use of this little handy tool and everything will become much quicker.

Amazon Echo features


Solve math problems and quick conversion

Amazon Echo features are really amazing while the calculator is another important and very helpful feature. For example, if you want to convert 20 dollars into pounds, then say Alexa, 20 dollars to pounds and you will get the answer quickly.


Track your Amazon purchases

While the Amazon Prime member can avail various advantages such as free two-day shipping, videos, music, cloud storage etc. the Amazon Echo makes things even more enjoyable. With Amazon Echo, you now can order, re-order and track the Amazon purchases. If you ask Alexa about the order’s date, it’s expected delivery date etc. you will get the answer quickly. It can order the prime eligible product for you as well.

You can set a pin to ensure higher security before re-ordering any product from Amazon.


So, these are the top best 10 Amazon Echo features which will make your life easier. Also, there are many other features to explore, and you will love the Amazon Echo new features. The company keeps adding various new ones each day to make it even more advantageous to the users.

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