Touch Bar Tips And Tricks

Are you all excited to use the brand new MacBook Pro’s touch bar feature? The Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro offers

Are you all excited to use the brand new MacBook Pro’s touch bar feature? The Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro offers simple navigation and optimization to the users. In addition to this, the users can also customize the various features on their MacBook Pro as per their convenience. For those who are looking for more, the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro can offer a lot of tweaking options to enable easier and better use of the overall functionality. Here are some of the Touch Bar tips and tricks that you can use on your MacBook Pro to achieve great usage and practicality.

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Touch Bar tips and tricks

Getting Better Battery Life from the MacBook Pro:

If your MacBook is dying out of insufficient battery, then there are several Touch Bar feature tips that can help you out. If you are still halfway into your gaming session or some important presentation, then there are several methods that can help in identifying the main causes of the draining battery and how you can extend the battery life of the MacBook Pro. MacOS Sierra has several built-in tools that can work well with the apps for improving the condition of the draining battery of your MacBook Pro. In addition to this, there are several energy saving options that can help you in getting extra battery life upon charging the device.

Talk to Your MacBook Pro:

Touch Bar tips and tricks

The MacBook Pro now comes with Siri integration. This feature has made the interactions with the MacBook Pro quite easier by talking to it directly. Siri has limited capabilities in doing several things. However, the software Siri is under constant improvements and provides quicker and easier access to even turning Wi-Fi option on and off instantly. Siri now can even ensure the weather forecasts and can even search for files. This can be achieved without clicking the folders on your own.

Customize the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro:

This is another in the list of the MacBook Pro’s touch bar feature tips. As the Touch Bar offers a glorified screen, you can customize what you wish to display on the same as per your needs. You can change the size, rearrange the layout, and can also pick out the specialized buttons – all of these can be done under the customization options. The MacBook Pro users can also make several adjustments within the apps like Photoshop such that you can make your favorite buttons more accessible.

Renaming Several Files All at Once:

Touch Bar tips and tricks

If you are copying several files on your MacBook Pro and if they happen to have weird names, then you can save the efforts of renaming each file one by one. With the help of specific Touch Bar tricks, you can rename several photos or groups of files in one go. All that you would need to do is to highlight all of the desired files by selecting Ctrl+A. When all the files are highlighted, you can right click on them, and then select ‘Rename (number of files) items’. This feature would allow the users to set the desired names and even indexing method for a particular group of files.

Let MacBook Pro Remember Passwords:

It is quite difficult to always update and then remember the usernames and passwords for every website and app on your MacBook Pro. As a result of this, you might stand at a great risk to lose them and then open insecure methods for the malicious groups to access your confidential information. To evade yourself from this serious issue, you can let your MacBook Pro remember the password for you. This could be one of the most effective touch bar tips and tricks for your MacBook Pro. This feature can be achieved by activating the iCloud Keychain. This implies that this feature can work across all the Apple devices used by you.

In addition to remembering usernames and passwords, your MacBook Pro can also be used to store the payment card details for faster and easier online payments. All of the passwords and card details are stored with the help of the Apple-level security system. Therefore, you do not have to worry about losing any vital password or the breaching of the confidential details of your MacBook Pro system.

Adjust Volumes in Smaller Levels:

Touch Bar tips and tricks

You can also customize your MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar to adjust the volume on your system. Most of the users are quite irritated by the sudden fluctuations in the volume – either too high or too low. To make use of this touch bar trick, you just need to press down the alt and shift keys as you would press the volume keys. The increase or the decrease in the volume changes will be comparatively by smaller levels.

Disabling In-App Touch Bar Changes:

With this trick, the touch bar can change automatically for offering varied controls to adjust the apps that you might be using in the MacBook Pro. However, if you wish to make use of the same buttons as the previous ones, then you can make use of this trick. You just need to go to the System Preferences, then proceed to Keyboard and then click on the Touch Bar menu. Now you can select the option from the App Controls section and then select as per your choice: Expanded Control Strip, Control Strip, and App Controls.


You MacBook Pro’s touch bar has a plethora of functions and features that can be utilized for optimizing your use of the system. To maximize your usage, you must be aware of the touch bar tips and tricks on the MacBook Pro. These tricks can help you in using the system in a proper manner. It will also help you in acknowledging the hidden features of the MacBook Pro and thus optimizing your usage. Enjoy your MacBook Pro touch bar experience with these effective tips and tricks that can make your life a lot easier.

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