The Truth About Social Media. And 3 Important Statistics To Follow

We all want to rule the world, and make the decisions of the future of humanity. But at the same time, we all

We all want to rule the world, and make the decisions of the future of humanity. But at the same time, we all know that it’s  not possible for everyone to rule the world.

One thing that we can do, is have popularity and friends around the world that would support us whenever we need it. But in order to have the advantage of the biggest audience, and support, we need to have strategies and numbers in place. This will make it much more easier for us to expand ourselves on social media.

At the beginning, you will be having too many suggestions, and tips that you can apply and increase your audience. But when you really start applying them, you will soon find out that they don’t really work out. I’m surprised that the internet is filled with such tips and tricks by how you can increase your Facebook likes, or Twitter followers.

The best statistics that I’ve found, are kind of weird, and different from the traditional one’s that you might find on every website. Here are the 3 best social media statistics (along with my suggestions to improve). And if you have got some stats that you think are unique, please let me know in the comments below:


1 The Countdown On Twitter Starts At 60 Minutes

Yes, that’s true. People on Twitter expect a reply within an hour. According to a research done by Lithium Technologies, 72% of customers who have a complaint, expect a reply within an hour after sending a Tweet to a brand. That percentage drops to 53% when customers don’t have a complaint.

My Tip: You should be hyperactive on Twitter, and provide the best customer service that you could. Using services like Spark Central to track your average response time, will further increase your performance.

But if you find yourself struggling to be active on Twitter, then it might be time to hire someone who would monitor your Twitter account for you.

People With Less Followers, Are Your Best Customers

You might have noticed that the people who have less followers, will be more likely to mention your brand in their tweets. You will receive only a couple of mentions from those power users in a month or a fortnight, and few will only happen if you do something spectacular.

A website that monitors social media activity named Mention, analyzed that more than 90% of people who mentioned a brand in their tweets, had less than 500 followers.

My Tip: The more you focus on those small users, the more effective it will be for you. It is because those people with less than 500 followers, are the one’s who will happily spread the word of mouth if you do them a favor. The power users will hesitate to do the same thing for you.

 3 Google Is Not The Biggest Traffic Source Now

Contrary to the popular belief, social media has already started taking over the traffic sources. SEO is still a great thing to do, but social media connects you with real people, and moreover, you will be in direct touch with potential customers. This is the best thing you can ever have, because once you have a loyal customers base, they will be helping you with improving your products and services that you provide.

While on the flip side, receiving traffic from Google has become more like a “pray and they’ll come” situation.

According to Shareaholic, social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have become the #1 traffic source of many websites. YouTube, Google+, and LinkedIn have been the top 3 websites when it comes to time on site, and bounce rate.

My Tip: This is social media, so we all know that people will most likely be free during weekends. So the next time you post something on your social media account, make sure that it has a Friday post. Also make sure that you provide the best content during weekends.


There are many more unique social media stats that we are yet to find to make it more effective for us. What do you think? Should you act on these stats, or you should just sit there and pray that the customers will automatically come?