What Is Two-Factor Authentication?

These days, protection of online accounts is a must. The truth is that when it comes to password thefts numbers

These days, protection of online accounts is a must. The truth is that when it comes to password thefts numbers are high, and these numbers just keep going up. We have to give our best to protect our privacy and personal information by improving the security in every way we possibly can. You don’t want hackers to access any of your accounts, right? One of the ways to prevent this is by enabling two-factor authentication. If you are not familiar with the term and if you are wondering what is two-factor authentication, keep on reading.

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Username and password are no longer enough

Back in the days, username and strong password were the only things needed. We didn’t worry about the privacy and security of our accounts too much. Reason? Well, we didn’t do so many things online. Now, every person has many different accounts for different purposes.

Today when we share various information about our personal and professional lives, when we shop online and do many other things, protection is the priority. We don’t want hackers to access our accounts and steal and use our personal info. That’s where two-factor authentication comes into play.

What is two-factor authentication?

A username and password are no longer enough, which is why adding an extra layer of security is imperative. That exactly what two-factor authentication, also known as 2FA is. An extra layer of security. When you want to login to a certain account, you will have to provide your username, your password and an additional piece of information. Usually, it is a code sent to your phone via text message.

When you enter the username and your password, if the information is correct, an online service sends an SMS that contains the code. So, you enter the code as well, and you access your account.

what is two-factor authentication

In addition, you will also get a recovery key for safe keeping. You can use it in case you forget the password of your account, or in case you lose your smartphone.

Another method is by using Google Authenticator app. When you want to log in to an account, enter your user name and password. If the information you entered is correct, just open the app and scan the barcode on the following page. When this is done, you will successfully login to your account. Don’t worry, Goole Authenticator is available for both, Android and iOS devices.

Some services offer two-factor authentication where a code sent via an SMS is the only method, while other services also offer usage of Google Authenticator app option. There might be some other options as well, but you get the picture now.

The point is to add additional information that only you know and have. So, the hackers will find it hard to access your account. This way, you will add an extra layer of security, to keep your personal, business, and financial information safe and secure.

However, we can’t say that 2FA is perfect. But still, it does provide some extra security. And as I’ve mentioned at the beginning, we need to give our best to protect our accounts and all the information about the things that matter to us.

Keep your information safe and secure

All the major services offer two-factor authentication as one of the security options, including Apple, Google, Microsoft, PayPal, Skrill, Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram, etc. No matter to which account you want to add that extra layer of protection, you will most likely find 2FA under Security section. Follow the given steps, and you will enable it with ease. The whole thing is pretty straightforward and simple.

If there is some sensitive information you want to protect, as I am sure you do, make sure to enable 2FA. This goes especially for online accounts associated with your finances. You don’t want hackers to access any of your accounts, especially these.

If you were wondering what is two-factor authentication, we hope it is all clear now. So, make sure to enable it everywhere you can to make your privacy, data, and your accounts more secure.