YouTube Tips And Tricks

YouTube is a popular service from Google and one of the biggest video streaming services. You can watch all

YouTube is a popular service from Google and one of the biggest video streaming services. You can watch all kinds of videos and upload your own videos as well. If you are a YouTube fan, we have listed some tips and tricks you may find useful.


Trick To Create YouTube Channel

YouTube Channel is one of features and services that is suitable for those who like to upload the videos. This is like a video blog, in which the other users can subscribe to that channel and give a comment. How to create it?

  • Launch YouTube and sign in using the Gmail account username and password
  • Click on the link “My channel” and change the name.
  • Click on “Create Channel”.
  • You can give the description of your channel by typing it on “Channel description”.
  • If you want to add the cover for your channel, click on “Add channel art”.


How To Turn Off Age Restriction On YouTube

The age restriction feature will not allow the kids to access the adult content videos. If you are 18 years old or above, you can turn this feature off.

  • Verify your age by signing to your Google Plus account > click the menu icon > “Home” > “Profile” > About” > press “I” icon > click on the pend on “Go to my account”> enter the new birthday date > now, you need to click on “Update”.


Tips To Download YouTube Videos Easily

Sometimes, when you are enjoying the video, you want to download it, so you can watch it again later when you are offline. And it is possible, just simply follow this guide.

  • Open YouTube and sign in.
  • Find the video you want to download.
  • Add “ss” in the URL of YouTube video (this is the address for the video: and the URL , this is how it should look if you want to download it:


Link A Specific Time In YouTube Video

If you find an interesting video, you can share it with others and make it start at a specific time:

Go to YouTube and open the video that you want to share > right-click on the video > select “Copy video URL at current time” > paste the URL link into your browser.


Trick To Make Animated GIF From YouTube Videos

Creating a GIF from a video is a pretty simple thing to do. Here is how:

  • Go to YouTube > find the video that you want to convert > add “gif” in front of the domain name > press enter
  • In the new page, you can start creating the animated GIF by using the buttons “Slide to set start time” and “Slide to set duration”.
  • Click on “Create GIF” > in the new page, copy and paste the “gif file” link in the address bar of your browser > press enter > right-click on that GIF and select “Save image as…” to save it on your computer.


Tips And Tricks To Loop YouTube Videos

If you are enjoying a song and want to replay it when it’s done, you can follow these methods.

Method 1:

Activating the “Loop”function by right-clicking on the video and choose the “Loop” option from the contextual menu.

Method 2:

Use a specific URL of the video instead of the shown URL.

Method 3:

Click on the “Add to” button under the video > click “Create new playlist” > name the playlist > click “Create > on the three lines next to the YouTube icon, press on the name of the playlist that you created > click on “play all”

  • Open a video in YouTube
  • Click on “Add to” button located below the video
  • Click on “Create new playlist”.
  • Name the playlist and click “Create”.
  • Click on three lines located nex to the YouTube icon, and then click on the name of your playlist
  • Click on play all.


How To Create A Playlist On YouTube

To create a playlist, follow the steps below:

Find the video on YouTube > click +Add to > click “Create new playlist” > name the playlist > choose Public or Unlisted or Private > click “Create”.


Ways To Turn Off YouTube Annotations

If you want to know the information of the person who had uploaded a certain video, you can use Annotations and in-video. But, sometimes it can be so annoying, so we have to close it one by one. Follow these methods to turn off the annotations.

Method 1:

Remove every single annotation when the video is playing, manually.

Method 2:

Disable all annotations for just one video. When you are watching the video click on the gear icon and move the switch next to Annotations to turn them off.

Method 3:

Disable all annotations and cards for any video that you watch. Click on your account photo and then click on the gear icon, click on Playback and uncheck  “Show annotations and in-video notifications”.


Tips If YouTube Video Loads Slowly

It’s not fun if the video we are watching is loading slowly. Sometimes, we have to reload the page. These are some tips if you face this issue.

  • Use a good and modern browser
  • Watch video in a low quality
  • Stop other internet activities
  • Speed up your computer by enhancing its performance: uninstall unnecessary programs, remove viruses and malware, etc.


How To Delete YouTube Search History

By default, your search history will be saved but you can delete it anytime you want. Here is how:

Open YouTube > on the left side of the screen, click on “History” > click on “Clear all search history”.


How To Share A Private Video On YouTube

If you want to share a private video with only a group of friends, follow these steps:

Open YouTube > click “Upload” in top-right > select the file that you want to upload > click “Public > select “Private”.


How To Listen YouTube Music With Screen Turned Off

We love to listen our favorite music and sometimes we don’t need to see the video, we just want to listen. If you are an Android user and want to enjoy the music when the screen is off,  that is possible by downloading the Black Screen For Life from Google Play. This free app blocks the screen of your phone using the proximity sensor.